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Cub Scout Band


1.Make a ball of crumpled paper.  Press pieces of clay all around it.  Press them good and tight.  Leave an opening in the ball.  Let dry.

2.Pull the paper out through the hole.  Fill the ball with tiny dried clay balls.

3.Close the hole with clay.  Make a handle and put it on.  Smooth the seams.

4.Poke little holes in the rattle and let it dry thoroughly.  Paint the rattle a bright color.

Tin Can Kazoo

A tin can and a comb will make your voice sound very strange.  Hammer a sharp pointed nail into the bottom of an empty can, making two rows of holes.   Wrap a clean comb in tracing paper or wax paper and tape it over the holes with four pieces of tape.  Then bring the can to your lips and sing a song.  You'll be surprised at the sound that comes out the other end of the can.


Get a narrow piece of wood, 5 to 6 inches long.  Then, from another piece of wood, cut two wooden blocks, each about 2 by 2 inches.  Drill two holes through all three pieces, as in the picture.  Bind them together, but don't tie them too tightly.  Leave enough space between the smaller blocks and the board so your castanet will rattle when you shake it.

String Music - Harp

Using a sharp pointed nail and a hammer, make holes around two sides of the open end of a tin can, near the edge.  Draw thin rubber bands through the holes and stretch them over the opening into the holes on the opposite side.  Fasten them with knots.

Hold the other closed end of the can to your ear while you pluck the rubber bands.  The tin can has become a harp.

Make A Drum

Materials:1/4" down rod 12 inches long

2 inch rubber ball

3 lb can

Gummed paper or paint

Unbleached muslin or rubber sheeting


Strong string or lacing


Drum Frame:

1.Cut out ends of can.

2.Decorate the can with paint or gummed paper.



1.Place cloth over one end of the can and tie with strong string.

2.Pull cloth tight.

3.Use a paint brush and cover the cloth and string with a few coats of shellac.

(Rubber Sheeting)

1.From rubber sheeting cut a circle at least 3 inches larger than the top of the can.

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