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Blue And Gold Ideas

Patriotic Place Mats & Nut Cups

Materials:9" x 10" piece dark blue construction paper

Red and white crepe streamers

Gold starts

Scallop the white streamer and glue it to the blue paper.  Fringe the red streamer and let it extend beyond the blue for a fringed edging.  Attach a small gold star on each white scallop.

Materials:Cardboard roll

Blue construction paper for brim

Red and white streamer

Gold stars

Glue cardboard roll onto a circle of blue construction paper, for brim.  Cover crown with red and white stripped streamer.  Add a blue band with bold stars glued around it.

Napkin Rings:  Use stick on stars to hold rolled napkins in place.

Nut Cup

Materials:Orange, blue or yellow construction paper

Tiger Cub or Cub Scout stickers

Cut pattern from construction paper.

Fold on dotted lines and glue at x's.  Use stickers to decorate.

The Incredible Shrinking Nut Cup

Materials:Styrofoam cups

Blue and yellow permanent markers

400 degree oven

Alot of patience

Draw Scouting picture on the foam cups.  Place on foil covered cookie sheet, open side down.  Place in oven.  Leave door open a crack, and watch carefully.  Cook for 30 seconds.  Be sure your kitchen is well ventilated, the melting cups give off a noxious odor.  These are really tricky - they'll shrink too much and collapse if over cooked.

Birthday Cake Centerpiece

Materials:2 round cardboard boxes - different sizes


Whipped soap suds


Glue the two boxes together.  Frost cake with whipped soap suds.  Add candle on top.  Decorate as desired.  Add flags that have the boys names on them.

Blue And Gold Yarn Flowers

Materials:Fork with straight tines

1 piece of yarn 6" or 8" long

1 piece of yarn 60" long

1.Lay the 6" piece of yarn between the middle tines of the fork, pull ends down on each side of the fork handle and hold in left hand.

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