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Although Webelos Scouts are still an integral part of Cub Scouting, with the same purposes, it is a transitional program.  It is moving the boys from a family based program in which the parents approve work, to a unit leader led program where the Webelos den leader must approve advancement.  It is a transition from the simpler Cub Scouting program and ideals to the more challenging program of Boy Scouting and the more complex ideals of the Scout Oath and Law.  It is a transition from the home and neighborhood based Cub Scouting to the wider world of Boy Scout camping, hiking and the wilderness.

Webelos Den Leaders have two objectives:

Provide every Webelos Scout the opportunity to earn his Arrow of Light.

Lead and successfully coach the boys to the threshold of a positive Boy Scouting experience.

Webelos Den Leadership

Webelos Den Leader - Should be interested and enjoy working with 4th and 5th grade boys and serve as a role model.  This person leads the Webelos den in a year-round program of activities and helps ensure that the boys graduate into Boy Scouting.  The Webelos Den Leader also provides regular coaching to the Den Chief related to the den's program activities.

Assistant Webelos Den Leader - Assists the Webelos Den Leader in planning and carrying out a program of activities for the Webelos den.

Webelos Den Chief - A registered Boy Scout, active in the troop and selected by the Scoutmaster to serve as a program assistant to the Webelos den leader.

Activity Badge Counselor - Various adults, often parents, who have knowledge of one or more activity badge areas.  They are recruited by the Webelos Den Leader and help Webelos Scouts gain self confidence in dealing with adults.

Other key leaders who will help the Webelos leader to provide a quality program are:

Webelos Den Leader Coach - In packs having more than one Webelos den, this Scouter is the coordinator between dens in planning activities, use of resources, contacts with Scoutmasters, participation of Webelos dens at pack meetings and is the person to keep the Cubmaster informed.

Troop Webelos Resource Person - A registered adult in the troop, usually the assistant Scoutmaster for new Scouts.  May have personal knowledge in teaching Boy Scout skills, but equally important, should know where to secure resource people to assist in Webelos activity badges and other projects.  Is appointed by the Boy Scout troop to serve as the liaison between the troop and Webelos den(s).

KEEP IN MIND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF.  There are plenty of Scouters who are willing to help.  In addition, there is a wealth of community resources, publications and teaching aides to help you cope both with your limited time and lack of background in some areas.  Using these people and materials will not only enrich the program for the boys, but increase your enjoyment of it as well.

Understanding Webelos Scouts

As a Webelos leader this may be your first exposure to dealing with several boys in this age group.  You may feel intimidated or even frightened.  If you are in either of these groups you are not alone.  Many new leaders feel the same way.  As nine and ten year old's a group of boys can be a challenge, but they are also a lot of fun.  They Webelos program, as designed, allows the boys of this age group to stretch themselves, be challenged and have fun.

Nine year old boys are very inquisitive by nature and want to be challenged.  The program you provide should fill their needs, yet not be so difficult as to discourage them.  Exposure to skills does not necessarily mean mastery of skills, just a challenge, a learning experience and fun.  Some boys this

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