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The mission of the Webelos program is to provide activities which are fun for boys and meet their needs, interests, desires and contribute to their growth.  The goal of the Webelos den is to hold a boy in the Cub Scout pack and graduate him into a troop.  That's why a quality program is of such importance.

Annual Planning - A Webelos/Troop annual planning meeting should be held during the summer before the pack's annual planning meeting.  A tentative calendar of activities is set, including joint quarterly activities with the troop.  Resources are identified and activity badge counselors are recruited.  This plan is incorporated in the pack's annual plan.

Monthly Planning - At least once each month the Webelos den leader, assistant, Webelos den chief and troop Webelos resource person meet to work out details of activities for the next month.  The key to successful planning is the monthly activity badge.

Involve the boys in program planning.  They need to learn leadership, and they will surprise you with their ideas.  Get them involved in setting a code of discipline for the group.

Leadership is learned and developed.  You can become an effective Webelos Leader if you will prepare yourself and take the time to learn.  Remember to be flexible in your planning.  There are no "pat answers" to handling boys.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  Be thankful for the opportunity which has come your way to work with and influence the lives of boys.  There is a great deal of satisfaction in helping boys along the way to manhood.

The Two Year Webelos Program

The Webelos program is structured as a two year program for 4th and 5th grade boys.  While the two year program is not optional, the way it is administered can be varied to accommodate the circumstances for each pack.  There will be two main ways of running the program.  The first is having separate first and second year dens.  The second is to run one den with a mixture of first and second year boys.

Separate Dens

This scheme works well for packs with a fairly large number of first and second year Webelos.  Coordination of the program between the first and second year dens is essential.  In general, the dens' programs should be planned so that the first year den (or dens) concentrate on the Webelos rank and the activity badges necessary to achieve it, while the second year den (or dens) concentrate on the Arrow of Light and moving into Boy Scouting.  One way to accomplish this is by designating half of the activity badges as first year badges, and the other half as second year badges.  Keeping in mind, that Fitness is required for the Webelos rank, and Citizen and Readyman for the Arrow of Light.

Possible activity badge arrangement:

First YearSecond Year




Family MemberEngineer







Other arrangements are, of course, possible.

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