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Combined Dens

For small packs with limited membership and leadership, the above program may be undesirable or impossible.  In this case, there are a couple of ways of dealing with the 2 year program.  One way, is to run a combined first and second year program, alternating working on first and second year badges.

Another option is to use a modified patrol method.  Webelos dens can name their dens and use the Boy Scout patrol medallions as identifying insignia.  During activity badge time, the groups could split, with the first year patrol working on Webelos rank and first year activity badges, and the second year patrol working on the Arrow of Light and second year badges.

Regardless of how your pack decides to run the two year Webelos program, the adults of the den can set the tone of the den by dedicated program planning and evaluation.

Parent Involvement

Getting parents involved is an essential part but not an easy part of your job as Webelos leader.  However, some parents like to camp, some are good at woodworking, some are familiar with nature, or maybe they are engineers or geologists.  All of these are important activities within the Webelos program.  Ask a parent for some help other than transportation or snacks.

Communication may be the key to getting the boys' parents involved and keeping them there.  Greet them as they drop off their boys or pick them up.  Phone them once a month to inform them of upcoming field trips or events.  Talk with them at pack meetings.  Send out a monthly calendar.  Your taking the time to communicate means you care about their boys.  And that is very important to all parents.

Schedule and conduct a Webelos Den organizational meeting with parents.

1.Explain the Webelos program to the parents.

A. Webelos to Boy Scout transition

2.Decide on meeting day.

3.Decide on meeting starting time and length.

4.Decide on meeting location(s).

5.Decide on dues structure, if any.

6.Plan program for the year.

A. Den meeting structure

B. Campouts

C. Field trips

D. Pack meeting participation

E. Other den activities

8.Prepare parent talent survey.

9.Secure parent participation in activity badge program presentations.

10.Be flexible -- always have plan "B" and plan "C" ready.

Remember to use your Resources and KISMIF

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