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Webelos To Scout Transition

How The Transition Plan Helps The Boy

Webelos to Boy Scout Transition is one of the most, if not the most important job you have as a Webelos leader.  It is your job to guide the boys through the Webelos requirements, their Arrow of Light ceremony, and on to Boy Scouts.  Transition to Boy Scouting is not that difficult a task if you plan ahead.  Planning is the key.

Many Webelos Scouts will go on into Scouting with no help at all.  But at least half of them need to know more about their opportunities for fun and adventure in the Scout troop.  That is really the purpose of the Webelos-to-Scout transition plan, to give the Webelos Scout a sampling of the troop program, troop leadership, personal advancement, a training and learning experience and an appreciation of troop organization and relationships.

You, as a Webelos leader, are the means for the boys transition to Boy Scouting.  As a leader you supply the road which the boys must travel for successful transition to a Boy Scout Troop.  If the road you provide is not well marked the boys will be fearful of what is around the next turn and they may never complete the journey.  the boys' transition involves knowledge, understanding, and communication.  Through your leadership and teamwork with other pack leaders, and with the Boy Scout Troops in your area you can supply the necessary road map for your Webelos to follow.

Preparing your Webelos to become Boy Scouts actually begins early in the first year of the Webelos program.  As Webelos the boys learn about outdoor skills, about more challenging tasks through activity badge requirements, through greater independence and leadership.  As second year Webelos your boys should be exposed to Boy Scout Troops in your area.  In their second year they should be learning the Boy Scout Oath, Motto, Slogan, Sign, Salute and Handshake.  They have been camping as a den and might have gone to a Webelos Long Term Summer Camp.  If all this has been done then  the transition has begun and the Webelos you lead are ready to visit troop meetings and camp with the Boy Scouts as guests.

The boy's Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award reach into the requirements bordering on Scouting skills, giving him a view of Scouting advancement.  He sees boy leadership at work and senses his own potential as a junior leader.

In short, the boy's desire for troop membership is the result of this gradual change in appetite for troop oriented activities.

You And The Troop Leaders Work Together

When the Webelos-to-Scout transition program is used, Webelos Scouts want to join Boy Scout troops.  As a part of this program, Boy Scout leaders give you help and support, participate in the joint meetings and campouts with you, supply a den chief and a troop Webelos resource person, and establish a pack-troop relationship of a permanent basis.

Your unit commissioner can help you make a list of nearby troops, with leaders' names and phone numbers.  If a unit commissioner is not available, either the Cubmaster or the Webelos den leader will need to take the initiative to get things going.

If available, the unit commissioner can help bring together the Webelos den leader, Cubmaster and Scoutmaster for their first meeting.  If commissioner is not available, call the Scoutmaster and arrange for all to sit down together and to share your mutual needs.  It will be a time to get acquainted, define responsibilities, discuss leadership needs and make plans to recruit any needed leaders.  Set up a plan for regular communications between key leaders to keep every one interested and informed.

You And The Pack Leaders Work Together

The following are responsibilities that should be done by den and pack leaders to ensure Webelos-to-Scout transition.

Webelos Den Leader

¥ Use the parent-talent survey sheets to identify potential activity badge counselors.

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