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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

¥ Train the Webelos den chief and help him to register for and attend den chief's training.

¥ Recognize the Webelos den chief in front of the pack or Webelos den.

¥ Complete Webelos den leader training as soon as possible.

¥ Work with the Webelos resource person and Cubmaster to conduct effective graduation ceremonies at the pack meeting.

¥ Attend roundtables on a regular basis, especially any joint Webelos and Scout leaders' roundtables.

Webelos Den Chief

¥ Receive training from the Webelos den leader and attend den chief training.  Secure a Den Chief Handbook.

¥ Participate in the yearly Webelos program planning meeting.

¥ Be familiar with the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award requirements in order to assist Webelos Scouts in their advancement.

¥ Attend all Webelos den meetings and participate in district "Webelos Woods" activities.

¥ Assist with all pack (or den)/troop activities and participate at pack meetings with Webelos Scouts in skits, stunts, songs, demonstrations, etc.

¥ Assist with Webelos overnight campouts, showing Webelos Scouts the proper use of troop equipment.

¥ Secure help from troop junior leaders.

¥ Assist activity badge counselors at Webelos den meetings as needed.

¥ Represent the Webelos den to the troop and the Scouts to the Webelos den.  Explain the "patrol method" enthusiastically.

¥ Participate with the pack, Webelos den and troop in joint service projects.


¥ Sit down with your unit commissioner, Scoutmaster and Webelos den leader to determine what needs to be done to improve Webelos graduations.

¥ Assist in planning and conducting stimulating graduation ceremonies, involving parents, the Scoutmaster, the den chief, the Webelos den leader and boy leaders from the troop.

¥ Conduct Webelos den induction ceremonies and Arrow of Light Award ceremonies.

¥ Support the Webelos den leader in pack/troop activities.

¥ Help establish and maintain strong pack/troop relationships.

¥ Encourage high advancement standards for the Webelos Scouts.

¥ Include Webelos den participation in pack meeting activities.

¥ Attend roundtables on a regular basis.  Attend any Webelos and Scout leader's roundtables with the Webelos den leader.

¥ Recognize the den chiefs at the pack meetings.

¥ Support the year-round Webelos den program.

¥ Help to recruit activity badge counselors from the pack.

Pack Committee

¥ Help recruit and support the Webelos den leader(s) and provide resources for the Webelos den.

¥ Promote Webelos-to-Scout transition through the chartered organizations.

¥ At each monthly meeting, keep informed of Webelos den progress and needs.

¥ Help bring families together at joint pack(or den)/troop activities.

¥ Promote and support strong pack/troop relationships, sharing with the troop committee the need for graduations into the troop.

¥ Work closely with the unit commissioner in effecting a smooth flow of boys into the troop.

Activity Badge Counselor

¥ Provide activity badge instruction at the Webelos den meeting.

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