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¥ If traveling by motor vehicle all drivers must be 21 years of age or older, be properly licensed and insured, and be approved by the pack committee.

¥ If a truck is used, boys are permitted to ride in the cab only, using proper seat belts.  No riding in the truck bed is permitted.

¥ All passengers should be provided with and use a seat belt.  Set the example.

¥ Proper medical forms should be in your possession whenever you and your boys are together.

¥ There should be no camping in route to the destination.  Stay in hotels, motels or private homes.

¥ Cub Scout groups are permitted to visit military installations, but overnight stays are not permitted.

¥ If camping, no adult except parent or legal guardian may under any circumstance share a tent with a boy other than the boy under his/her guardianship.

Tour Permits

A tour permit is a form that officially registers your outing with the local council office.  It helps assure that national guidelines are met concerning the ratio of adult leaders to boys and the legal age, licensing, and insurance of drivers.  The local council also uses these permits to compile statistics on local unit activities.  Many Boy Scout camps will not allow your visit without having one.  For all these reasons, the tour permit should be considered necessary whenever you are going on any trip.

The forms are available from your local Scout service center.  If you file them by mail, allow two weeks.  If you file them in person, they can be stamped by the council office the same day.  You must fill out both the top and bottom.  The office will stamp the form and give the bottom part back to you.  Keep this part of the form and take it with you on the outing.  You may be asked to present it, especially if you are going to a Boy Scout camp.  You will need to know the number of boys that are going and the number of leaders including yourself.  You will also need to know the names and addresses of the other leaders (adult drivers) and some idea of the amount of insurance they carry on their vehicles.  There are minimum requirements (see back of form).  Each boy should have a seat belt.  These precautions not only help you to stay within the national guidelines and state law, but protect the boys as well.  Please note that you must have the signature of a member of the pack committee sign the permit in addition to yourself.

Field Trips

Field trips are a welcome and exciting diversion to the den meeting.  Ideally, they should enhance and expand the particular activity badge that is currently being worked on.  Thus, they should be planned several weeks in advance.  The boys will generally enjoy the change in setting and speaker.  If you work out the agenda in advance, often the boys can earn several requirements towards the badge without realizing it.

Like any other den meeting, a successful field trip demands adequate preparation.  Although some may be spontaneous, brought on by an unexpected event or natural occurrence, most should fit neatly into your program.  They often can serve to bring a particular aspect of an activity pin to life that may otherwise seem dull and boring.  Also, an experienced practitioner may more easily handle the questions and teaching than you can.  But in so far as you can, be careful of who you select as the speaker.  Ask for someone who is personable and good with children.  Lecture should be alternated with some activity to get the kids involved.  If this is not possible, suggest that the setting be changed every few minutes.  A walking tour often achieves this.  Review in advance with the person handling the tour the requirements you feel the tour might cover.  It will help the speaker prepare what he is going to say as well as gear the talk to the age group.

Advise the parents weeks in advance of when and where you are going.  Ask for volunteers to help drive.  Invite them to go along.  It may be best to meet together first where your den meeting takes place and then go to the field trip site.  This seems to eliminate confusion.  Tell the parents both the departure time and when you believe you will be back.  Try to be punctual.  Everyone concerned will appreciate this.  Make sure you have signed permission slips and a tour permit, if appropriate.  Finally,

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