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Preparing For The Webelos Overnight

Preparing the Boys

Preparing the boys goes beyond informing them that a campout has been planned.  This period of preparation for the campout offers many opportunities to introduce materials which will be helpful to the boys in their Webelos training.

The den meetings leading up to your first Webelos overnight campout should provide instruction in the activities for the campout.  Hold the meeting outdoors and invite the other adults who will accompany the boys.  For suggestions to incorporate in these meetings see the Outdoorsman activity badge in this section.

Prepare the Adults

Preparing the adults is equally as important as preparing the boys.  The end result of this operation is a smoothly-run campout with everyone knowing what is expected.  Properly informed adults will reduce the load of responsibility on the Webelos leader to a minimum and will make the campout more enjoyable for everyone.

Meeting with the Adults

Held about two or three weeks prior to campout.  This should give a fairly good estimate of how many adults will be going and is close enough to the actual date that last minute changes can be avoided.  Probably, 100% of the adults will not attend, so be sure that those who don't are contracted soon after the meeting and informed of its content.

This is a planning meeting for adults.  More will be accomplished if the Webelos do not attend.

Cover these items at your meeting:

¥ Date of campout

¥ Location - cover in detail how to get there.  Give the adults a map.

¥ Time and place of rendezvous and estimated time of arrival back home.

¥ Schedule of events of campout.  Plan activities you feel the boys would like to participate in.  For example a nature walk, hikes, swimming, fishing, campfire program.

¥ Menu for Webelos Scouts and adults.


This meeting with the adults can be an excellent time to get to know each other better.  Don't overlook the leadership potential within this group.  Give the adults an opportunity to participate in leading the activities.

Aside from the fun you Webelos Scouts will experience on this campout, they should have satisfied the requirements for the Outdoorsman Activity Badge by the time they return home.  In addition to this badge, certain requirements for Geologist, Naturalist and Forester could also be satisfied.

Plan your camp schedule to take into account the religious duties of the boys.  If your camp extends into Sunday morning, be sure that they have an opportunity to attend services at their own church back home, a church in a nearby town or at camp, or you might schedule a brief service at camp for your own group.

A planned program is necessary so that your Webelos Scouts do and learn as well as live in a camp setting.  Your schedule should be flexible.  If you have allotted 1 hour for a nature hike and the boys are enjoying it and learning, don't hesitate to extend the time.  Cut short any period which isn't working out as planned.

When you arrive home do evaluate the experience.  Then at the next den meeting find out from the boys what they like and didn't like.  This will enable you to plan for next time.

Suggested Agenda For A 1-Night Campout

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