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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Saturday A.M.

¥Arrive at campsite.  Set up tents and bedding.  Gather fuel supply if needed and permitted.

¥Raise U.S. flag with ceremony.

¥Have nature hike.  Do activity badge work.

¥Go fishing.

¥Boy-adult teams prepare and eat sack lunch.  Clean up.

¥Free time.

¥Have activity badge work or swimming.

¥Boy-adult teams build cooking fires and prepare dinner.  Den eats as a group.

¥Wash dishes and clean up.

¥Free time.

¥Lower U.S. Flag with ceremony.

¥Have Campfire program.

¥Lights out.

Sunday A.M.


¥Air Bedding.  Clean up campsite.

¥Boy-adult teams prepare and eat breakfast.

¥Wash dishes and clean up

¥Hold religious service.  Boy-adult teams may go to a nearby church or a nondenominational service may  be held at the campsite.

¥Strike camp.  Leave site in better condition than you found it.

Campout Checklist

¥Departure and arrival

¥From what point do we leave?  When?

¥How long will it take to travel to campsite?

¥When will we return?

¥ Campsite

¥Have you filed a Local Tour Permit?

¥Are reservations or other permits required?

¥Does the campsite lend itself to conservation projects?

¥Is firewood available or do we need to bring it from home?

¥Is the water supply safe or do we need to bring our own?

¥ Transportation

¥Do we have enough cars and qualified drivers to carry boys, adults and equipment?

¥What about car pooling?

¥What about public transportation?

¥ Participation

¥Is there an adult to accompany every boy?

¥Are any substitute adults needed?

¥Is the den chief coming?  Was he involved in the planning?

¥Will anyone from a troop be there?

¥ Equipment

¥Do the boys and adults know what to bring?

¥Who will bring bow saws or axes for cutting wood?

¥Who will bring the first aid kit?

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