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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

¥ Meal Preparation

¥Have we planned simple fare?  Hearty ingredients?

¥How many meals?  Which ones?  Snacks?

¥Are there utensils to match the menus?

¥What about eating utensils?  Paper plates and cups for easy disposal?

¥ Activities

¥Games?  What kind?  Who will lead them?

¥Campfire?  Who is responsible for what?

¥Hikes?  Fishing?  Swimming?  Who?

Outdoor Cooking

Cooking and eating are an adventure.  Eating is fun and so is fixing food to eat.  There are so many activities that offer an opportunity to cook and eat.  There is just something about camp cooking that is special.  Cooking outdoors requires a different set of rules and equipment.  Take time to plan some activities that will include food preparation, whether it is brought in a paper sack or food that will be prepared by the boys.  Even cooking a hot dog or marshmallow can be a real challenge - having it cook just right and not burnt.  Cooking is a skill and cooking outdoors with charcoal, wood or a buddy burner will take some skill.  Take time to talk about what you plan to cook, discuss safety and practice fire building.

It is fun to beat eggs, mix pancakes, make a milkshake or cherry cobbler.  It can be lots of fun as long as you know what you are doing.  Don't be too ambitious to start with, remember the age of boys you are working with.  Do simple recipes and progress as their skills develop.  Outdoor food does not have to be cooked.  A good lunch can be part of the day without having to take time out to cook.  Maybe the first venture could be an after school snack.

Safety And Good Cooking Habits

Start out by getting yourself ready to cook.

¥Protect your clothes from spills by putting on an apron; then wash your hands.

¥Read the entire recipe carefully.

¥Organize the bowls, spoons, pans and other equipment that you will need.

¥Read and know about making fires and fire safety.

¥Have all the ingredients for the recipe.  Measure ingredients accurately.  Follow the recipe mixing the ingredients.

¥While the product is cooking, put things away and clean up your work area.

¥Stay near your food.  If you forget them, they will cook too long and burn.

¥Turn pot handles away from the edge so no one will bump the handle and cause pot to spill.

¥Always use potholders when handling hot pans.  Keep all towels, pot holders, clothes and hair away from the flames.

¥Learn how to use a knife.

Outdoor Cooking Hints

¥Pack charcoal in a paper egg carton and tie shut.  When ready to use, just light the carton.

¥For a wood fire, use candle pieces wrapped (like candy) in wax paper.  Light the paper and the wax will keep it going long enough to ignite your kindling.

¥Handy fire starters (never-fail) can be made by placing one charcoal briquette in each section of an egg carton (paper kind).  Cover with melted wax.  Tear apart and use.

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