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Cut both ends from a one gallon can, or large juice can.  Make vent holes with a pop can opener around one end of the large can.  To use, place can inside grill or on a pan or tray, crumple three full size sheets of newspaper into balls.  Place newspaper in bottom of starter can or fill it half way with twigs.  Cover with charcoal.  Light the newspaper through the vent holes.  When charcoal is glowing, remove can with a pair of pliers.  One charcoal briquette equals 40 degrees of temperature.

Charcoal Stove

You need:

Tin can (#10 or larger)

Roll-type can opener

Punch opener

Wire for handle

Three pieces sturdy wire screen

1.Remove top of can with roll-type can opener.  Punch airholes with punch opener around top and bottom of can.

2.Stick ends of wire through two of the holes at top and twist to make a handle.

3.Push wire screen half way down into can to make a grate.  This holds charcoal near top for cooking and keeps air under charcoal.  To keep screen from slipping, cul second piece of screen into a coil, and put between grate screen and bottom of stove.

4.Make a stove top out of the third piece of wire screen.  This supports your hamburger or the cook pot.

To Use Charcoal Stove

Set the stove on cleared ground and put tinder on the grate.  When tinder is burning briskly, drop charcoal into fire.  Swing the stove by the handle now and then to keep the charcoal burning.

Vagabond Stove

You need:

#10 tin can

Pair of tin snips


Roll-type can opener

Punch opener


1.Remove lid from tin can using roll-type can opener.  This open end will be the bottom of your stove.

2.Cut door in stove.  Wearing gloves, take the tin snips and cut from the open end two slits three inches apart and three inches long.  Bend this piece of tin back into can and hammer it flat.

3.Punch with the punch opener two or three small holes at the top of the can on the side opposite the door.  These are your air holes and serve as a chimney.

To Use Vagabond Stove

Find a level spot for the stove so food will not run over the side.  If stove is not level, put a twig under the low edge.

Press the stove in the dirt so that it makes a ring.  Then put it aside.  Make a small fire of twigs in the ring.  Keep fire small but steady.  You can also use a Buddy Burner.  (See directions for making.)

Put the stove over the twig fire or Buddy Burner.  The stove will get very hot so do not touch it.

The first time you use your stove you will have to wipe the finish off the tin can after the stove has heated up.  Hold stove with a pot holder and wipe off with a paper towel.

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