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Buddy Burner

A Buddy burner is fuel and can be used with a vagabond stove.  It is also good emergency fuel to have on hand if your stove at home should not work.  You can use it in a driveway or  an inside fireplace or when you cannot have an open fire.  The smoke is very black so do not use it in a room.

You need:A shallow tin can (tuna or cat/dog food)

Corrugated cardboard, cut in strips just a little narrower than depth of can

Paraffin, in a tin can

Lid from a larger can

Pot of water on stove

1.Roll cardboard into a coil that fits loosely into the can.

2.Melt the paraffin.  Paraffin should always be melted in a tin can set in a pot of water on the stove.  Use low heat.  Melt small amounts at a time.  The vapor given off by the melting paraffin might start to burn, so have a lid from a larger tin can on hand to smother any fire.

3.Fill shallow can almost to the top with melted paraffin.

4.Let the paraffin harden.  Now you have made a Buddy burner.

You can make a Buddy burner using sawdust instead of cardboard.  Fill the tin can with sawdust and pour in paraffin.  You may have to use "wicks" in this to start the burning easier.

To Use A Buddy Burner

Light the top of the Buddy burner with a match.  Now you can cook on your vagabond stove.  Never cook directly on the Buddy burner because the smoke is black and sooty.

Place the vagabond stove over the Buddy burner.

Put the fire out by lifting the stove off and smothering the flame with a No. 10 tin can lid or any flat surface larger than the Buddy burner.  Use a pot holder to lift the stove, or knock the stove over with a stick.  The paraffin will be hot and liquid, so wait until it hardens and cools before you pick it up.

Foil Cookery

Foil Cooking Hints

Use two layers of light-weight, or one layer of heavy duty aluminum foil.  Foil should be large enough to go around food and allow for crimping the edges in a tight seal.  This will keep the juices and steam in.  This wrap is know as the "drugstore" wrap.

Drugstore Wrap

Use heavy foil three times the width of the food.  Fold over and roll up the leading edges.  Then roll sides for a steamproof seal.

A shallow bed of glowing coals that will last the length of cooking time is necessary.

Cooking Times:

Hamburger8-12 minutesCarrots15-20 minutes

Chicken pieces 20-30 minutesWhole apples20-30 minutes

Hotdogs5-10 minutesSliced potatoes10-15 minutes

Foil Dinner

Lay slices of potatoes, onion, and carrots on a sheet of heavy-duty foil then place hamburger patty on top.  Cover with slices of potato, onion, and carrots.  Season with butter, salt and pepper.  Cook 20-30 minutes over hot coals, turning twice during cooking.

Cardboard Box Oven

A cardboard box will make an oven.  Cut off the flaps so that the box has four straight sides and bottom.  The bottom of the box will be the top of the oven.

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