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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Cover the box inside and out COMPLETELY with foil, placing shiny side out.

To use the oven, place the pan with food to be baked on a footed grill over the lit charcoal briquets.  The grill should be raised about ten inches above the charcoal.  Set the cardboard oven over the food and charcoal.  Prop up one end of the oven with a pebble to provide the air charcoal needs to burn - or cut air vents along the lower edge of the oven.  Control the baking temperature of the oven by the number of charcoal briquets used.  Each briquette supplies 40 degrees of heat (a 360 degree temperature will take 9 briquets).

Experiment!  Build an oven to fit your pans - or your menu:  Bake bread, brownies, roast chicken, pizza or a coffee cake.  Construct a removable oven top or oven door.  Punch holes on opposite sides of the oven and run coat hanger wire through to make a grill to hold baking pans.  Try the oven over the coals of a campfire.


Aluminum Eggs (Foil Breakfast)



Hash brown potatoes

Salt, pepper and spices to taste

Place potatoes, scrambled egg (doesn't need to be cooked) sausage patty and spices in foil.  Wrap securely.  Place on coals for 15 minutes.

Egg On A Raft (Vagabond Stove)



Salt and pepper

Grease the cooking surface of the stove.  Cut two inch hole in a slice of bread.  Place bread on burner and break egg into the hole.  Season and turn over once while cooking.

Aztec Toothpicks

Heat a white flour tortilla in skillet or top of vagabond stove.  Spread cream cheese on tortilla; sprinkle on brown sugar and cinnamon.  Roll up tortilla and pig out.  Great breakfast, sweet roll or night time snack.

French Toast (Vagabond Stove)

3 eggs

1/2 cup milk

1 tablespoon sugar

4 slices bread

Butter, syrup, jam or powdered sugar

Beat eggs, milk and sugar together with a fork.  Grease the top of a hot vagabond stove with margarine.  Dip both sides of a piece of bread in egg mixture, and lay it on the stove.  Be careful that the fire is not too hot. When bottom browns, turn the toast over with a fork or turner.  You may need more margarine.  When the second side is brown, remove the toast to a plate.

Vienna Toast

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