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The Scout Oath

ON MY HONOR - How do we define "honor"?

a.Honor is the thing that makes you act the same when no one is watching as you do when you know you're being watched.

b.Honor is the quality of doing what you know is right and not what others do or bid that you do, acting according to your own honor and not according to that of someone else.

c.Honor is of the heart and mind of a person - something not easily seen.  It is called integrity.

d.Honor is showing regard for others, and having the quality of being able to accept and pay when due any bill you receive in life; to admit you are wrong and accept the consequences when they arise.

I WILL DO MY BEST - What do we mean by "Do My Best"?

a.I am the judge of what is MY best.

b.I should always do any task set before me to the utmost of my ability, even though I might not like it.

c.I should never use the excuse "I didn't do so well, but neither did so-and-so" - knowing full well I should have done better.

d.Do just well enough to get by.

e.This phrase is best explained by items a, b, and c, above.

TO DO MY DUTY TO GOD AND MY COUNTRY - What's meant by "Duty to God"?

a.Living according to the teachings of our religions every day.

b.Living according to the teachings of our religions just on Sunday.

c.Living according to the teachings of our religions once a month, whether we need to or not.

d.Living according to the teachings of our religions only when we want to.

e.None of the items apply because religion isn't that important.

We explain "Duty to my country" best as:

a.Obeying those laws of the land we think are important and necessary and ignoring or deliberately breaking those that are not.

b.Being a good citizen and living by the laws and customs of our nation and working to solve our country's problems.

c.Letting other people do what must be done to govern our country, as our vote doesn't count that much anyway.

d.Dodging a draft call and fighting the local law enforcement people to see how much we can get away with.

e.Shoplifting for the fun of it.

TO OBEY THE SCOUT LAW - What does, "to obey the Scout Law" mean?

a.Playing the rule of the game of Scouting.

b.Obeying the twelve points of the Scout Law and using them as signals for guidance when it is hard to decide what to do in everyday life.

c.By doing a good turn daily to prove you are a good Scout.

d.Doing your part to make this a happier world.

e.Taking an active part in the activities listed in items a, b, c, and d.

TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE AT ALL TIMES - What does "to help other people" mean to a Scout?

a.The help you give someone is important to that person.  But it is even more important to you.  You become a better person when you help others.

b.The help you give another person is important to you because you may get a medal for it.

c.It is just another rule to follow in the club.

d.It is an easy way to get people to support your troop.

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