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e.None of the above items apply to the question.

TO KEEP MYSELF PHYSICALLY STRONG - What does this phrase mean to a Scout?

a.It means having big muscles.

b.it means being able to bully others.

c.It means keeping your body healthy, able to stand up to a disease and carry on when the going gets tough.

d.It means being able to impress the girls with your physique.

e.None of the above items apply to the question.

MENTALLY AWAKE - Define mentally awake.

a.Words describing this are sharp, alert, and bright.

b.When you are mentally awake you see, hear, smell, and even feel things others don't.

c.You remember things better when you are mentally awake.

d.Developing your brain by striving to increase your knowledge and by making the best use of your abilities.

e.All of the qualities mentioned in items a, b, c, and d apply to the definition.

MORALLY STRAIGHT - What does morally straight mean to a Scout?

a.Use of coarse and profane language is a must to impress people.

b.Knowing what is right, but doing something else instead, or knowing that you shouldn't do something but doing it anyway because nobody will find out.

c.Showing little or no respect for laws or other people.

d.Living, acting and speaking in a way that marks you as a boy who will grow up to be a man of good character.  You are honest, clean in speech and actions, thoughtful of the rights of others, and faithful to your religious beliefs.

e.None of the items above apply to the question.

The Scout Motto

BE PREPARED - What does the Scout Motto mean?

a.The Scout Motto means that you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty and to face danger, if necessary, to help others.

b.You are ready at all times to meet at any given place in a minute's notice with all your camping gear and backpack for a troop campout.

c.Ready to assist in a community emergency.

d.Ready to stand a uniform inspection without prior notice.

e.Items a, b, c and d all apply.  Lord Baden-Powell said "A Scout should be prepared for any old thing."

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