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The Scout Law

A SCOUT IS TRUSTWORTHY - Define trustworthy in relation to what a Scout is.

a.A Scout tells the truth.

b.A Scout keeps his promises.

c.Honesty is a part of a Scout's code of conduct.

d.A Scout is dependable.

e.Items a, b, c and d are all correct because a Scout's honor is to be trusted.  If he were to violate his honor by telling a lie or by cheating or by not doing a given task trusted to him, he may be directed to hand over his badge.

A SCOUT IS LOYAL - To whom is a Scout loyal?

a.A Scout is loyal to his parents.

b.A Scout is loyal to his Scout leader.

c.A Scout is loyal to his country.

d.A Scout is loyal to his friends.

e.All the answers above are correct because a Scout is loyal to all to whom loyalty is due.

A SCOUT IS HELPFUL - How is a Scout helpful?

a.A Scout is prepared at any time to save life or help injured persons.

b.A Scout is prepared to share the home duties.

c.A Scout does things willingly for others, without pay or reward.

d.A Scout may work for pay, but he does not take money for being helpful.

e.All answers above are correct.  The spirit of being helpful is spelled out in the Scout Slogan "Do a good turn daily" and in the Scout Motto "Be Prepared."

A SCOUT IS FRIENDLY - How is a Scout friendly?

a.A Scout recognizes that people are different and he accepts a person as he is.

b.A Scout respects a person's differences.

c.A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to other Scouts.

d.A Scout seeks to understand others.

e.All answers above are correct because to be a true friend you must respect the other person's differences and be interested in other people.

A SCOUT IS COURTEOUS - Define courteous.

a.Making it easier to get along with other people by using good manners and being polite to everyone.

b.Being rude and short tempered.

c.Being argumentative when another person doesn't agree with you.

d.Having the attitude that using words like "please, thank you," or "excuse me" is a sign of weakness.

A SCOUT IS KIND - Which of the sentences below best illustrates that a Scout is kind.

a.A Scout understands there is a strength in being gentle.

b.A Scout treats others as he wants to be treated.

c.A Scout will not hurt or kill harmless things without reason.

d.Kindness is more than just a way to treat others.  A big part of it has to do with treatment of birds and animals.

e.Each of the statements above are a part of kindness.  Live with nature and you'll learn to respect and love animals.  With kindness comes understanding and that applies to human beings as well as animals.

A SCOUT IS OBEDIENT - Define obedient in relation to a Scout.

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