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a.A Scout follows only those rules or laws he believes are fair and necessary.

b.A Scout will intentionally break those rules or laws he thinks are unfair.

c.A Scout will follow the rules laid down in his family, school and troop only when they are to his advantage.

d.If a Scout believes a law is unfair, he tries to have it changed in an orderly manner rather than disobey it.

e.A Scout obeys his parents, Scoutmaster, patrol leader and all other duly constituted authorities and laws.  He treats those regulations he doesn't agree with as in item d.

A SCOUT IS CHEERFUL - Why should a Scout be cheerful?

a.People who can do things with a smile get things done because they think they can.

b.Everyone at one time or another is faced with a task they do not like.  A cheerful spirit and a smile will make the job easier.

c.You might as well smile and be cheerful when you have something to do that you don't like or don't want to do.  It's a cinch that griping and complaining won't help.

A SCOUT IS THRIFTY - What is thrifty?

a.Thrift is working, wise spending and saving.

b.Thrift is a Scout working to pay his own way.

c.Thrift is protecting and conserving natural resources.

d.Thrift is saving for unforeseen needs and carefully using time and property.

e.All of the above.

A SCOUT IS BRAVE - How is a Scout brave?

a.He can face danger even when he is afraid.

b.A Scout has the courage to stand up for what he thinks is right, even if others threaten or laugh at him.

c.A Scout is able to face danger even when he is afraid, because he is prepared.  Only a fool is never afraid.

d.Have the courage to say "no" when others call you a coward or chicken for doing it.

e.All the above statements apply because a Scout has the courage to face danger in spite of fear and to stand up for what he thinks is right against the coaxing of friends or jeers or threats of enemies, and defeat does not get him down.

A SCOUT IS CLEAN - What is meant by the statement, "A Scout is clean"?

a.Personal cleanliness is an important part of being accepted by your fellow man.

b.A Scout is judged in part by the friends he has.

c.A Scout does his part in keeping a clean America.

d.A Scout helps keep his home and community clean.

e.All of the above statements apply.

A SCOUT IS REVERENT - Explain what is meant by "A Scout is reverent".

a.A Scout is faithful in his religious duties.

b.A Scout respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.

c.A Scout lives by the moral code and worships God in the way taught by his own religion.

d.A Scout treats others the same way he wants to be treated.

e.all of the above statements apply.

Scout Slogan

What does the Scout sign signify?

a.That you are a Scout and it is recognized anywhere in the world.

b.The World Brotherhood of Scouting.

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