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What does citizenship mean to you?  The right to go where you want without government interference; the right to free speech; the right to choose our own religion or many other things.

You as Webelos leader will be more fully able to answer this question as you help your boys towards earning this activity badge which is required for the highest award a Cub Scout may earn before entering Boy Scouts, the Arrow of Light.

During this time you will gain invaluable insight into the way the boys of today view their citizenship as well as, hopefully, reinforce your own views.

Citizenship actually means taking part in your national government as well as your state and local governments by using the power of the vote and keeping actively informed about what is going on.

Working on the Citizenship badge can be as interesting or as dull as YOU the leader makes it.  Adult Americans have long seen "Law" as a synonym for "Justice".  Youth sees justice as being fair play.  At least, that's the way many of them see police, courts and other symbols of law.  Our Webelos Scouts have been exposed to terms such as "pig", "fuzz" and other uncomplimentary words describing law and order.  We have an opportunity through the Citizen Activity Badge to teach them respect for law and authority.


To foster citizenship in Webelos

To teach boys to recognize the qualities of a good citizen

To introduce boys to the structure of the U.S. government

To familiarize boys with the basics of American history

To convince boys that laws are beneficial

To encourage Webelos to become community volunteers

Den Activities

Invite a guest speaker from a local board to explain his duties and to tell the Scouts why he volunteers his time.

Obtain a pack of U.S. commemorative stamps.  Pass out several to each Webelos and challenge them to discover the story behind the stamp.

Plan and carry out a citizenship project or litter campaign, complete with posters, etc.

Visit a city council meeting, police station, fire station, etc.

Tour city hall or your county court house.

Fly a flag at home, particularly on appropriate occasions.

Deliver "Meals-on-Wheels" over school vacations.

Write and mail a letter to Senator or Congressman.

Have a "Get-out-and-vote" poster contest.

Make a logbook for each boy to keep record of work on the Citizen Activity Badge.

Invite a "new citizen" to talk to boys and tell what becoming an American means to them.

Your Duties As A Citizen

If you are going to have rights as a citizen and you want to keep them, then you also have certain duties to uphold.  You duties as a citizen are:

Obey the laws.

Respect the rights of others.

Keep informed on issues of National and local government

To vote in elections.

To assist the agencies of law enforcement.

To practice and teach good citizenship in your home.

Some Qualities Of A Good Citizen

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