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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Obeys the laws where ever he is.

Respects the rights of others.

Is fair and honest.

Tries to make community a better place to live.

Learns as much as possible about leaders of Nation, state, community.

Practices rules of health and safety.

Is honest and dependable.

Is patriotic and loyal.

Practices thrift.

Respects authority.


Heads Of Government Game

Materials:  Pictures of government officials.

Directions:Have boys match up the correct name with the correct official.

Newspaper Study

Materials:  One current newspaper per team.

Directions:Divide boys into teams.  On signal, each team starts a search for news items that definitely illustrate the Scout Law.  Team with the most clippings in a given time is the winner.

Build A Flag

Materials:Cardboard flags - 1 each of 5 U.S. flags shown in Citizen section of the Webelos book.  1 set for each team, divided into stripes, background, field of stars, name of flag and year of flag.


Push pins

Directions:Divide Scouts into two teams.  First Scout from each team runs to his pile of pieces, grabs a stripe background and a push pin and pins it to the corkboard.  First Scout runs back and touches off the second Scout who pins up a starfield piece which matches the stripe background.  Next team member matches appropriate flag name and four pins up the year of the flag.  Continue to rotate until all five flags have been properly constructed, named and dated.

America's Symbols Quiz

1.The right hand of the Statue of Liberty hold a torch.

2.Which is taller - the Statue of Liberty or the Washington Monument?

3.What words are inscribed on the ribbon held in the mouth on the eagle on the Great Seal of the United States?

4.In the Great Seal, what is the eagle carrying in its talons?

5.What denomination of currency has the Great Seal printed on it?

6.How many people can fit inside the head of the Statue of Liberty?

7.What is the official U.S. Motto.

8.Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the "Star-Spangled Banner" when he saw the flag still flying over what fort.

9.Name the four U.S. Presidents carved in the Mt. Rushmore memorial in South Dakota.

10.The Declaration of Independence says that all men are created?



2.The Washington Monument

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