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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

3.E pluribus unum (one out of many)

4.Arrow symbolizing war and an olive branch of peace

5.The $1.00 bill


7.In God We Trust

8.Ft. McHenry

9.George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt


Webelos Citizen

1.Name the state tree:_____________________________________

2.Name the state flower:___________________________________

3.Name the state stone:____________________________________

4.Name the state fish:_____________________________________

5.Name the Governor:________________________________________

6.Name the state capitol:__________________________________

Citizenship Test

Materials:  None

Directions:Two teams face each other with a wide space between them. The leader asks each player a question about the Declaration of Independence, the Star-Spangled Banner, the President, Vice-President, Governor, or other fitting subject.  A correct answer entitles that team to move one step forward.  An incorrect answer passes the question to the other team.  The first team to cross the other team's starting line is the winner.

Good Turn Ideas

1.Give some of the toys Cub Scouts may have made as part of the Craftsman badge to a children's home, hospital or institution for handicapped children.  Use Craftsman skills to repair or refurbish toys for the same purpose.

2.Give a holiday party for children in a home or hospital.  Plan games, songs, small gifts and treats.

3.Collect canned foods or good used clothing for distribution to the needy by Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, churches or other organizations.

4.Collect good used books and magazines for the library of a children's home or institution for the elderly.

Knowing Your Community

As a project, your den might like to check out the following list to see which of the things listed can be found in their community, who operates them and how they are paid for:

Health - hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentist, ambulance service, water filtration plant, sewage disposal, garbage collection.

Protection - storm sewers, fire and police protection.

Education - public schools, high schools, colleges, night schools, vocational schools, libraries.

Recreation - theaters, pools, parks, playgrounds, golf courses, lakes.

Transportation - roads, highways, bus terminal, train station, airport, parking lots, garages, service stations, car lots.

Stores - shopping centers, supermarkets, corner stores, appliance stores, markets.

Business - what major companies are there in you community?

Industrial - what items are manufactured?

Agriculture - what products are produced locally?

Voluntary Agencies - what agencies are there?  What do they do in the community?  Organizations and Clubs - service? fraternal? hobby?

Religion - churches, synagogues, temples, halls, seminaries.

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