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The Scouting coordinator, as liaison between the pack and chartered organization, helps to bring the two groups together and establish and maintain a good relationship. Maintaining the relationship is the responsibility of members of the organization as well as all pack leaders.

The chartered organization helps the pack by :

¥ Providing the Scouting program as an integral part of its program for youth and families.

¥ Seeing that the Scouting program is conducted according to the policies and regulations of the  organization and the Boy Scouts of America.

¥ Selecting a Scouting coordinator to serve as liaison.

¥ Providing adequate and safe facilities for the monthly pack meeting.

¥ Providing opportunities for boys to recognize responsibility to God, to country, to fellowman, and to self.

¥ Cooperating with the council in fundraising through the United Way and sustaining membership enrollment (SME), so the Scouting program can operate.

The pack helps the chartered organization by :

¥ Being responsible to the chartered organization for the sound operation of the pack.

¥ Showing interest in the chartered organization and rendering service to it.

¥ Keeping the chartered organization informed of the accomplishments of the pack by an annual report from the pack committee and regular reports on pack activities by the Scouting coordinator.

¥ Inviting members of the chartered organization to participate in pack activities.

¥ Keeping the Scouting coordinator informed of needs of the pack which should be brought to the attention of the district or council.

¥ Seeing that the chartered organization receives recognition for operation the pack.

If these things are not happening between your chartered organization and pack, then a closer relationship needs to be developed. Ask for help from the Unit Commissioner and Scouting coordinator.

Pack Leaders


The cubmaster need not be an expert in all Cub Scouting activities but should be a leader who is able to deal with adults as well as boys. He or she should be able to delegate responsibilities; set a good example by behavior, attitude and uniform; and believe in the values and principles of the Cub Scout progr


The Cubmaster has the responsibility to :

¥ Work directly with the den leader coach, the Cub Scout den leaders, Webelos den leaders, den chiefs, chairman, and members of the pack committee to make sure all dens are functioning well.

¥ Plan the den and pack programs with the help of other leaders.

¥ Lead the monthly pack meeting, with the help of others. Involve all dens in some ways.

¥ Coordinate the total Cub Scout program in the pack.

Everything the Cubmaster does is aimed at helping the individual boy. Securing strong leaders, planning the den and pack activities, advising other leaders and parents - these are all ways in which the Cubmaster affects the kind of Cub Scouting each boy in the pack is offered. Although this job is an executive position, the Cubmaster has direct influence on the lives of individual boys by keeping in mind that boys can be made better through Cub Scouting.

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