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Looking your Best

Are you encouraging the boys in your pack to wear a complete Cub Scout uniform? If they are allowed to attend the meetings in blue jeans, they are missing an important part of Cub Scouting, the thrill of wearing a uniform.

The Cub Scout Handbooks and the Cub Scout Leaders Book are clear on the subject of proper uniforming, so don't tell your boys or parents that jeans are acceptable when they are not.

It is the leader's responsibility as a registered adult of the Boy Scouts of America to encourage boys to obtain the official uniform. Cub Scout pants are not only more appropriate, but, they are equal or better in quality and wearability to jeans of the same price.

What would you think of a policeman who wears plaid trousers with his uniform? How about a hospital intern wearing, while on duty, a sport coat with his white trousers? Or what would you think of a bus driver wearing a fireman's hat, or even more absurd an airline pilot wearing the silks of a jockey as he boards the plane? They'd all be "out of uniform" wouldn't they?

Something wonderful happens to a boy when he wears his Cub Scout uniform. As if magic, it seems to lift them out of just plain belonging into active and spirited participation.

Look at a uniformed pack and you will see a unit with high spirit, a unit that gets things done, and a unit that attracts other boys. Many of these new boys join so they may wear the uniform too.

Uniformed leaders are the key to good uniform in your pack. Cub Scouts respect leadership and will follow the example. Let our Cub Scouts know how you feel about the official uniform, they'll do the rest.

Remember to set the example....

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