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Ethics In Action

Ethics in Action is an activities program for Cub Scouts designed to reinforce the character-building goals that have always been part of the Scout program. These activities encourage Cub Scouts and their leaders to "think a little deeper" about values and about some of the decisions and consequences of decisions that are a normal part of growing up.  The activities also try to enhance boys' respect and concern for others by having them see things from different points of view.  But above all, Ethics in Action activities are FUN. They are part of the 'game with a purpose' that is Scouting.

Today's Cub Scouts are growing up in a very complicated world.  They are faced with conflicting messages that are often hard to sort out.  Some influences peer pressure, for example , may provide boys with the positive support they need to help them do the right thing.  Or peer pressure may work the other way and urge boys to act in ways that sharply contradict the positive values that their parents are trying to encourage.  

This program was created to answer parents' requests for help.  Ethics in Action activities enhance character formation; that is, the development and reinforcement of the worthwhile qualities that are part of the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack.

Each Ethics in Action activity is introduced in an easy-to-follow format so that leaders may fit them into the regular den schedule.  Many of the activities require little preparation, and all can be managed by first-time as well as experienced leaders.  Councils will provide leader training to introduce and explain the new materials.  Various activities will be discussed in greater detail at roundtables throughout the year.

The Ethics In Action Program

There are 14 activity modules in the Ethics in Action program. Each is built around a single theme.  The themes are:

BE A FRIEND. Promotes discussion of what friendship means, and how friends act toward each other.

BE AWARE AND CARE-1.  Discusses physical handicaps with an emphasis on blindness.

BE AWARE AND CARE-2.  Discusses other physical handicaps, suggests ways to prepare for getting to know elderly people.

CARING AND SHARING.  A mock court scenario is used to deal with the issues of taking care of one's own things and showing respect for the property of others.

CONSUMER ALERT.  Helps boys analyze commercial messages on television and in printed advertisement.

DIFFERENCES.  Explores attitudes towards differences in people.

FIRE! FIRE!.  Explores the responsible use of fire and deals with the kinds of decisions regarding fire that Cub Scouts and Webelos are likely to face.

HARD LESSONS. Show boys what it is like to have learning disabilities and underscores the need for understanding problems faced by children and adults with learning disabilities.

KINDNESS COUNTS.  Stresses responsibility to animals, both at home and in the wild.

PEACE IS... Discusses ways to introduce the positive aspects of peace and suggests ways boys can contribute to worldwide understanding and peace.

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