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When a Cub Scout moves away, the pack should do what they can to help him continue in Cub Scouting in his new location. He should be furnished with a copy of the Transfer Application, No. 28-401, showing his Scouting record to date. This will enable him to continue his Cub Scout work with full credit.

When a boy who has been a Cub Scout elsewhere joins the pack, ask him for his transfer record (or write for it) to bring your own den and pack records up to date. Transfer applications list advancement, offices held, and registration dates.

The Lone Cub Scout

In many councils there are boys who, because they live in isolated rural areas or because of severe handicaps, cannot take part in the regular Cub Scout program. These boys can be Lone Cub Scouts.

Lone Cub Scouts work with a parent, a neighbor, a friend, or other adult who is known as a Lone Cub Scout friend and counselor. This person is responsible for encouraging and assisting the boy's learning and earning badges and getting the most out of the Cub Scout program. The boy's parent or guardian help him with the advancement program.

There are special forms available on which to register Lone Cub Scouts. These forms can be obtained from the local council office or by writing the national office:

Boy Scouts of America

1325 Walnut Hill Lane

Irving, TX


Suggested Tax Deductions

A considerable amount of money is spent each year by Scouters in carrying out their volunteer service to Scouting. Certain allowable deductions are authorized for volunteers under the Internal Revenue Service Code, Section 170:

1. Annual registration fees.

2. Transportation expenses to and from Scouting events and meetings.

3. Purchase price of adult uniforms, emblems, and insignia.

4. Maintenance and cleaning of uniforms and equipment which are required for use in the performance ÊÊÊof volunteer services.

5. Actual unreimbursed expenses incurred by attending Scouting meetings and conferences, in or out of ÊÊÊthe council territory. This includes out-of-pocket expenses and reasonable expenditures for meals and ÊÊÊlodging necessarily incurred while away from home in rendering such volunteer service.

6. Contributions, stationery, mailing and telephone expenses, serving refreshments at meeting, cost of ÊÊÊtraining material, literature, equipment, and memorial contributions.

Naturally, each deductible item must be substantiated by adequate records. More details are explained in the IRS booklet Charitable Contributions available at you Internal Revenue office.

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