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Usually, we have no problems recruiting boys into Cub Scouts. They are ready to join, eager to wear the uniform, enthusiastic about the badges.  The group we really need to convince is the parents to be leaders.

Rallying is a group sales technique that you can use to recruit the parents as leaders.  First, you must expose family needs, then show them a solution..the Scouting solution.

Recruiting has some important parts that must be done in order. There are four necessary steps:

¥ OPENING: States it is time to start thinking about what you are doing there, as well as the audience.

¥ INTRODUCTION: Tells the group who you are, and most importantly, what gives you the authority to be up front. (experience, position in Scouting, etc.) Introduce yourself and give background and credentials and why you are the authority.

¥ SALES PRESENTATION: tells what it is you have, and how they can use it, why they need it, andÊhow they can get it.  The most important part of this step is why they need it.  You must be sure theyÊunderstand this or you are not going to get a commitment.

¥ Tell the motivational story about Baden-Powell and how Scouting all got started. Wind up with his concerns, purposes, and ideals.

¥ Scouting today is the same as it was then..it addresses the same concerns. It offers the same solutions to things I worry about..things most parents worry about for their children.

¥ What are some things you are concerned about for your son?

¥ I want to teach skills that will give my son an advantage when he reaches the adulthood - LEADERSHIP  SKILLS. How do I do that as a parent?

¥ I'm concerned that my son is a good CITIZEN. Respects the rights of other,their property.

¥ I want my son in a good environment with friends who don't turn to vandalism, drugs or other things that will harm him.

¥ I want my son to learn how to have successful relationships with others. To understand the need for truth, honesty and fair play. I want him to practice it now so he know how important it really is to be an adult of GOOD CHARACTER.

This is what Scouting is all about! We teach leadership skills, values, citizenship. We teach, we practice, we learn, we experience.

¥ CLOSE: Asking them to do what you want them to do.

¥ Scouting is a family oriented program.. operated by families.  We are a volunteer program.  Those who conduct the Scouting program are moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors, just like you and me.  We are unique in a way, though..In most groups, when you agree to participate, you are given the books and a fond farewell by the outgoing volunteers.

¥ Here's where our strength really is...Why are we the largest, most consistent youth organization in the world today?  Because our purpose is sound, because we care enough to train you, share with you, help you, comfort you, laugh with you.  You don't ever have to be the "Lone Den Ranger."

¥ There are a number of ways you can help insure your son gets the most of his experience in Scouting.  You pick the time you can spend and we'll show you how you can help your son.  All our families participate in some way.  Once a month, right here in this room, all the Cub Scouts come together for an hour and show all the things they have done during the past month...and get recognition for doing it.  Is there anyone here who can't spend one hour with his son each month?

¥ Some of you will not be able to take more than that hour a month to help and that's fine. We don't want to embarrass you.  There are others of you who will be able to give more time.  Some of you will take a direct role in guidance with you son and spend 3 hours a week just to make sure he gets the benefit of all those things we're concerned about.  That's called a den leader.

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