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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

¥ First of all, I imagine all you boys came here tonight to join Cub Scouts and start doing all the neat stuff we do in Scouting, like Pinewood Derby and Sports, etc. I'm going to hand out some application forms for you to complete.  Walk through the form, explaining the cost, including Boy's Life.

¥ I didn't ask, and I'd be remiss if I didn't, did anybody come with the intention of being a den leader?  How about if it didn't require a Doctorate in Child Psychology, years of training and a tendency toward self punishment?  How about if I told you step-by-step, everything to do, would yo take 3 hours a week to spend helping your son get the most of our great program? That 3 hours is one hour of planning, one hour of meeting, and one hour of worrying.  After the first few meetings, you will be able to eliminate the one hour of worrying.  We really need your help.  Discuss job descriptions, preparation of den meetings, resources, roundtable and training opportunities.

¥ Perhaps the best way for you to make certain you're not getting in over your head is this:

Next __________(find out a convenient time) we'll spend one hour..I'll tell you all the things that need to be done and how much time it takes.  You decide if you want to do anything then, and if so, what.  If nothing appeals to you, we won't embarrass you by trying to pressure you into taking some job.  Is that fair?


Parent Involvement

What is parent participation?  It might be a mother helping her son make an Indian vest for his den stunt, or a dad hauling home some old scrap wood to assemble a den game chest for his son's den.  It could be these and many other helpful things parents do.  But wait... this is participation not cooperation... to many times we simply send our children to someone away from home to let others worry about them. In the Cub Scout Program, the whole family participates.

It's important to the success of a pack.  Leaders must always remember that the Cub Scout program was designed for parents to use with their sons. Parents simply do not let their son join Cub Scouting - they join with them.

¥ It starts with the Cubmaster, den leader and committee members. Be prepared with a few simple rules and procedures that your pack has agreed on . If you want parents to participate an cooperate, tell them exactly what they're in for, what you want them to do, and what they can expect from the program.

¥ Every parent and new leader should be encouraged to attend a Cub Scout Parent/Leader orientation.

¥ Be proud of being a Cub Scouter - BRAG about it! Tell how rewarding it is. Parent participation must begin either before or during the  joining period.  Don't make it too easy to join your pack.  Make sure your information on parent participation is explicit.

¥ Parents have ideas and talents, too. Use them. Families can help with refreshments, transportation, den projects or by providing leadership for special projects.  They can help by attending pack meetings, serving on pack committees and help support money earning projects.

Successful Pack Operation

The following guidelines have been followed successfully by many packs. You may want to use this as a check sheet to see where your pack operation can be improved.

¥Enthusiastic parent participation

¥Good attendance at pack meetings and activities

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