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Many things occur from poor communication.  The pack may miss an important event, the boy may not receive his next advancement, the parents may miss out on an outing.  There are many ways to improve communication and let everyone know what is happening.

Some things that can be done are:

¥ Take notes

¥ Listen

¥ Plan

¥ Review notes

¥ Encourage ideas

¥ Don't make communication to parents entirely the den leaders responsibility

¥ Understand that others may interpret the information differently

How To Keep Communication Going

Yearly Calendar

Each year at the annual planning meeting the pack should set monthly themes for the program for the next 12 months. Along with the themes the pack meeting, dates, times, and places should be set.  This information is vital and should be shared with every family in the pack as soon as it is available.

Survey Sheets

Survey sheets provide information. If a survey sheet is completed by each family, valuable information is in the hands of the pack leaders.  This will help the leaders know and understand the boys' families and help in accessing available resources and talents.  The Parent Talent Survey Sheet is an excellent form to use and is available at the e Council Office.


A pack newsletter can provide everyone with important dates and events. It can help to inform everyone on what has happened. Newsletters may include den doings, fund raising information and welcoming new Cubs and leaders.  Don't forget to thank everyone who has helped. If newsletters are mailed they are more likely to be seen by parents than if sent home with the boys.


Posters help tell what is going to happen or what has occurred. A den can use a poster to tell about its activities. Be sure to use lots of pictures!


Skits may be used to promote an upcoming event.  A skit could provide entertainment as well as sharing information within the pack meeting.


A note given to each boy as he leaves a meeting can be very useful in communicating with parents.


While not the most effective method, it has the advantage of communicating immediate information and messages.

Person To Person

A leader can get and receive information by talking to parents and boys one on one. Discuss things that are going to happen and get feedback.  Invite parents to visit the den meetings. Parent participation may increase and so will communication.

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