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1.FUN! If you want to sum up the Tiger Cub program in a single word, than this is it. A boy and an adult having fun together and learning more about each other and the world around them in the process.

2.BOY, ADULT! Tiger Cubs is a family-oriented program of teams. Each team is made up of a Tiger Cub and his adult partner - father, mother, or other adult family member or even a neighbor. What is important is that the adult partner is someone who cares about that boy and is committed to his well-being.

3.SEARCH, DISCOVER, SHARE! This is the Tiger Cub motto. Tiger Cub teams search out new activities, discover new things, and share them with one another in the program.

The TIGER CUB program has been successful from the moment of its introduction in 1982. Why? Because Tiger Cubs, BSA, fills a great need in America today by providing a simple, uncomplicated program for bringing boys and their families closer together. It works!

Pack TIGER CUB Organizer

Position Description

1.Attend District School Night Orientation meeting.

2.Attend District's August and September Roundtables.

3.Attend Pack School Night for Cubbing and organize Tiger Cub group(s).

4.Insure all applications are completely and correctly filled out, correct fees collected and Family Activity Packets are all accounted for.

5.Turn applications, fees, and unsold Family Packets over to School Night Coordinator.

6.Stay in contact with Tiger Cub Group throughout the year. Assist when needed.

7.Make sure Tiger Cub Group attends Pack functions when invited.

8. See that all Tigers graduate into the Pack in the spring.

9.Attend Tiger Cub graduation ceremony and recruit your successor.

Supply List for Tiger Cub Organizer

¥Tiger Cub Organization Plan

¥Tiger Cub Flipchart

¥Tiger Cub Organizer's Manual

¥Tiger Cub Applications

¥Family Activity Packets

Tiger Cub Organizer's Calendar


¥ Attend organizer's training.

¥ Prepare for Tiger Cub Rally Night.

 Ê(coordinate with Pack Rally)


¥ Rally Night.

¥ Attend pack committee meeting and report on rally.

¥ Divide Tiger Cubs into groups.

¥ Follow up with groups on first meeting through Big Idea #1.

¥ Attend first meeting and plan calendar.


¥ Contact host team and make sure they are planning to have meeting and know what to do.

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