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Happenings or activities are the spark that make a den and pack really special and the envy of all the others.  The extra effort involved is well worth the investment as the group's enthusiasm grows.  Recruiting becomes easier when a Cub Scout tells his friends all the neat things his Cub Scout pack is doing.  Parents will want to be involved when activities are planned that are fun and exciting.

A successful activities program depends on all den and pack leaders and families working together.  The single most important word for a smoothly-run program is PLANNING.  Careful planning of pack and den activities will generate enthusiasm for unit leaders, parents and boys; an important factor for all the people "who make the pack go."

The secret for Cub Scout den activities is the wise use of the monthly theme.  The theme is simply an idea or emphasis around which den and pack leaders plan activities for the Cub Scout dens to do from one pack meeting to the next.

The theme idea simplifies the planning of den and pack meetings.  It gives each den a focus for its work and play during the month and brings them all together at the monthly meeting with skits, stunts, and handicrafts all related to a single theme.  If the dens are active during the month, an interesting and entertaining pack meeting is the natural result.

The monthly themes suggested for 1993-94 are:

¥December 1993 - Holiday Magic

¥January 1994 - Exploring Alaska

¥February 1994 - Blue and Gold Traditions

¥March 1994 - Wheels, Wings, Rudders

¥April 1994 - Shape Up

¥May 1994 - Back to Nature

¥June 1994 - Strong for America

¥July 1994 - Buckskin Pioneers

¥August 1994 - Water Fun

¥September 1994 - Explore Your Neighborhood

¥October 1994 - Achievement Parade

¥November 1994 - Harbors, Stations, Airports

Cub Scout families are eager to see what other dens have done with the theme.  A friendly rivalry usually results, and quite often den spirit is developed, even among parents.  Many packs present a PARENT PARTICIPATION RIBBON to the den or dens who have the most parents at the monthly pack meeting.

Webelos dens do not use the pack's monthly theme.  Instead their emphasis is on one of the activity badge areas.  Often the Cub Scout theme and activity badge area are compatible, such as "Cub Scout Circus" and "Showman" or "Going Places" and "Traveler."

Packs are not obligated to use the recommended themes, although there are benefits to be gained by using them.  These themes are selected and planned to appeal to boys and to offer opportunities to achieve the Purposes of Cub Scouting.  They are the subjects on which the most program material will be available.

Remember the Cub Scout program is flexible, and if another theme is better suited for your pack, you may wish to make an exception.

These things should be kept in mind:

¥ It must have strong appeal for Cub Scout-age boys.

¥ It should be a wide subject that provides a variety so that each boy can do the things he likes to do.

¥ It should instill the deeper, more lasting values of Cub Scouting.

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