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Cub Scouting has a nonsense word that expresses the idea very neatly.  This should be your watchword as you plan year-round fun for your pack or den.  The word is KISMIF.  It stands for

"Keep It Simple, Make It Fun"

A Cub Scout pack can easily plan a variety of special activities.  There are some general guidelines which should be followed to help insure that success of your activity.

OBJECTIVE:Why are we having the activity?  Does it help to achieve the Purposes of Cub Scouting.

LEADERSHIP:There should be adequate adult leadership to ensure safety and supervision.  In major activities, such as the Blue and Gold Banquet or Pinewood Derby, the pack committee usually appoints a chairman, and a committee is recruited to carry out various responsibilities.  This is a good time to involve adult family members.

FACILITY:What type of facility is needed?  Can it be held at the regular pack meeting place.  Is it an outdoor activity?  Are reservations necessary?  Will there be a charge for the facility?

PHYSICAL ARRANGEMENTS:What type of seating arrangement is needed?  If it is outdoors, what is available, and what do we need to provide?

SCHEDULE:A written schedule or program will be helpful.  When will it be held?  What time does it begin?  Who does what when?  What time does it all end?

ALTERNATIVES:Plan for backup leadership to fill in for emergencies.  If it is an outdoor activity, have a backup plan in case of rain.

PUBLIC RELATIONS:Be sure all pack families are informed about the activity.  Is this an event that could be publicized in local newspapers or other media?

JUDGING AND AWARDS:A special pack activity which takes the place of the regular pack meeting should include advancement awards so recognition can be made promptly.  If it is a competitive activity, will each boy receive something for participating?  Or will only the winners be recognized?  How and when?  What type of awards will be used?  Who will do the judging?  How?

HEALTH AND SAFETY:Include in the plan all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of the boys and others attending.

MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT:What materials and equipment are needed?  Who will bring them?

FINANCES:Estimate cost of activity, if any.  Does pack budget cover this expense?  If not, how will costs be covered?

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:Most competitive events require some type of check-in procedure.   Who will be responsible?

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