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TRANSPORTATION:Will transportation be needed?  Will each family provide its own?  If not, what arrangements need to be made?

COUNTDOWN:Does everyone involved know what is expected?

Scouting means doing.  Everything in the Cub Scouting program is designed to have the boys doing things.  CUB SCOUTING IS A YEAR-ROUND PROGRAM.  Remember to include the summer months in your activities. This not only helps keep the pack together, but it also provides opportunities for some of the easiest and funniest activities that can happen during the year.  A quality pack program has two elements...fun and exciting activities for the boys, and it achieves the Purposes of Cub Scouting.  The information found on the following pages will help you with your planning for the coming year.

Safety Awareness

Leaders are responsible for safety while the boys are in their care.  Safety rules should be enforced at all times during den/pack meetings and activities.

1.Teach the boys the rules of safety around the home, fire safety, and water safety, using the Cub Scout achievements and electives.

2.Meeting places must be free of accident hazards.  Use the Meeting Place Inspection Form, No. 6140, to check them.

3.Use a few minutes of den or pack parents' meeting to discuss the value of teaching the boys to cope with everyday hazards of living.

Often parents place too much emphasis on keeping children away from hazards and not enough on teaching them what to do when they are faced with hazards such as a broken electric cord.

Instead of asking boys to stay off the streets, teach them to observe proper precautions while they are in the street.

Instead of keeping boys indoors in cold weather, teach them how to dress to protect themselves against the cold.

4.Invite local experts to visit with parents and Cub Scouts about such subjects as:   Fire Safety, Traffic Rules or Basic First Aid

Outdoor Activities

Outing is an important part of the word "Scouting".  One of the purposes of Cub Scouting is "to prepare them to become Boy Scouts."  As Cub Scout leaders, we have an opportunity to help prepare Cub Scouts for the outdoor activities they will enjoy later as Boy Scouts.

Cub Scouts are introduced to the outdoors through den and pack activities and Wolf and Bear requirements.  They learn proper methods and safety procedures for hikes, cookouts, and conservation projects.  The Cub Scouts enjoy camping with their family.

Webelos Scouts start the transition in outdoor adventure by participating in parent-son overnight campouts.  They develop some basic camping and outdoor skills which help prepare them for troop experience when they move to Boy Scouting.

Each step in the outdoor program is a foundation for the next higher step.  A boy's outdoor experience in Cub Scouting determines to a large degree how much he enjoys his later experience in the troop.  It is our challenge as Cub Scout leaders to set the stage in the proper way.

Cub Scouts are explorers by nature, so the outdoor program helps open up the world around them.  As boys hike, explore, run and romp, they are learning about God's beautiful world and the importance of conserving natural resources.  As they take part in competitive sports and games, they

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