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learn the values of physical fitness and good sportsmanship.  While they are having fun in the outdoors, they are learning important human values and growing strong in mind and body.

Outdoor den meetings can be family adventures in backyards or community parks.  Cub Scouts can make their own outdoor games, improvise sleeping equipment for outdoor camping and collect objects from nature.  The Cub Scouts learn to help plan and prepare for family camping experiences, picnics and trips.

Outdoor pack activities should be adapted to the facilities available.  Make good use of rural areas, Scout and church camps, as well as city parks and recreation areas.

Safety Rules For Outdoor Activities

1.Always have a first aid kit handy.  If possible, have an adult trained in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) attend pack functions.

2.Remember that adequate leadership and supervision help prevent accidents.

3.Encourage boys to pair up in buddies and to be aware of each other's whereabouts at all times.

4.Have a plan for personal or natural emergencies (such as lightning storms, high winds, or flash floods) which could occur during an outdoor activity.  Know where emergency care can be obtained quickly.

5.If possible, check out the location in advance for hazards.

6.Avoid such dangers as buildings in disrepair or under construction, fire hazards, stinging insects, poison plants, tools improperly used, too-rough sports or games for age and size of boys.  Accidents can be prevented.

7.Select a well-identified gathering place in the event the group is separated.

8.An adult should always supervise when Cub Scouts are building fires and cooking.  If the den is using a ground fire, clear a space 10 feet in diameter of all burnable material.  Stay away from trees with low-hanging branches.  Use of chemical or liquid fuel stoves must be limited to adults.

Cub Scout Camping

The Boy Scouts of America does not permit overnight camping by dens or packs except at council approved property.  Backyard camping and family camping are encouraged for the younger Cub Scouts.  A boy is not likely to run into problems beyond his ability when his family is with him or close by.  Backyard camping is simply sleeping out with a friend or two, either under the "stars" or in a "homemade tent".  Each district offers a summertime Cub Scout Day Camp for the Cub Scouts to attend.

Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp is a week-long summertime experience available for all Cub Scouts, from the newest Tiger Cub graduate to the Webelos (first grade through fourth grade graduates).  The only catch is you've got to be a Cub Scout.

Just like it sounds, day camp takes place during the day usually from 8:30-4:00.  Camp usually takes place at a city park or other wooded area in your pack's district.

The camp is directed and staffed by volunteers just like you who put in a little extra time for some special training.  The boys spend their day shooting B-B guns, using a bow and arrow, making crafts, learning outdoor-nature skills and playing Cub Scout games.  In short, they have FUN and in the process they complete electives and achievements toward their advancements.  Every camp is unique in

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