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the "SPECIAL" activities that each camp's director chooses to put on each day.  Well, how do you sign up to help and how do Cub Scouts sign up to attend?  Applications are mailed in April to every registered Cub Scout with all the details so watch your mail box.  In addition, staff applications and additional Cub applications are available at the Scout Service Center and at your District Roundtable around April.

Family Camping

Since Cub Scouting is home and family centered, its outdoor program must be also.  It gives the boy and his family an introduction to the outdoors and an appreciation of nature and its conservation.

Family camping can be rewarding and fun for Cub Scout families.  You can't camp without equipment and equipment can be expensive.  Many beginners rent the larger items the first year from a dealer who will apply the rental fee to the purchase price if they decide to buy.

Some families try a practice camping weekend before taking a camping vacation.  This helps ensure that the equipment is complete and in working order.  Check with an experienced camper to determine what equipment is needed.  This will probably include a tent, a good sleeping bag for a good night's rest, cooking and eating equipment, food and food containers, some tools, and personal equipment.

Cub World at the John Zink Scout Ranch is a great opportunity for packs to enjoy a fun camping weekend.  Cub World is developed with Cub Scout family camping as the core of the program.

Cub Scouts will be able to pass some of their advancement requirements while on a family camping trip.  The whole family will have a lot of fun.

Camping Tips

Selecting a Campsite:

When selecting a campsite look for these things:

¥ South or Southeast exposure

¥ Protection from wind

¥ Level and reasonably smooth ground

¥ What is above you?  Are there trees with dead or dying branches

¥ Where is the water supply

Setting Up Camp:

Pitch a tent on smooth and level ground with tent back to prevailing wind.  The slope of the stakes will depend on the condition and texture of the ground.  Usually stakes driven at an angle toward the line of pull will hold in either hard or soft ground.  Use taut-line hitch on guy lines.

Make a door mat of plywood or heavy cardboard to help keep the inside of the tent clean.  When possible, leave shoes outside.

If the campsite does not have toilet facilities, locate your latrine well away from tents and water supply.

Many campers take along a large tarp or dining fly and set it up as a shelter to provide a covered area for cooking, eating and other activity outside the tent.

Keep an adequate supply of drinking water on hand.  It is a good idea to keep a thermos bottle full of water in the tent at night, especially for children.

Always gather firewood during daylight and stack it under shelter.  Don't count on firewood being available.  Bring wood or charcoal or stoves.

Before turning in for the night, be sure everything is secure and covered for protection for rain or animals.  Be sure food is well covered or hung out of reach.  Don't leave open containers of food in the car--the food may be safe, but animals may scratch the car.  Don't store food in tents.

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