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After a busy day of outdoor activities at camp, what better way to bring a day to a close than gathering around a crackling campfire for a program of ceremonies, songs and skits.

Select a scenic spot, with good drainage so ground will be dry for seating.  Provide protection from the wind and insects.  Check out the firewood supply, you may need to bring firewood from home.  Check for fire safety.  Contact the local authorities for any necessary permission. Can the fire be built and extinguished safely?  Listen for outside noises which may be distracting.  It is much better to have waves lapping against shore or wind blowing through the trees than highway or airplane sounds.

Boys should be properly clothed, depending on the season.  In winter, clothing should provide warmth; in summer, protection from the sun.  Suitable footwear is important.

Fire Starters

Fire starters are an excellent way to get your campfire going.  Below are a few suggestions for fire starters that have proven successful.

Pack Derbies

Derbies are some of the most popular and successful special events in Cub Scouting.  Like all really successful activities, they require planning and preparation, but their value is fun, strengthening of family relationship and promoting Cub Scouting purposes in a way that has been proven over the years.  Many packs alternate between the different derbies to add variety to the pack program.

There are many similarities among the different derbies.  All seek to:

¥ Provide fun and exciting new things to do.

¥ Foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills

¥ Provide the first of many opportunities to share in friendship, fellowship and competition with other Cub Scouts

¥ Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body

Committee Decisions For Pack Derbies

1.Decide on location and date.

2.Recruit team leaders.

a. Inspection and registration team.

b. Judging and scoring team. (recruit from outside pack, such as principal, policemen or firemen)

c. Race operations team.

3.Decide on judging categories and awards.

4.Recruit person to order kits and awards.

5.Recruit person to locate or build a race track to be used.

6.Establish list of equipment needed.

7.Finalize racing rules. (as per pack racing committee's decision)

8.Draw plan of race areas and space arrangements. (remember derbies can be held inside or outside)

9.Distribute kits with RULES for race.

10.Possibly arrange for photos and publicity. (local newspaper)

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