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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

12.The car's weight shall not exceed five (5) ounces.  Cars will be checked on official scales.  All cars are to be weighed on the same  scales the day of the race.  Make the scales  available  at den  meetings at least a week in advance for  preliminary  weigh-ins.

(Weight  can  be  adjusted  to  be  within  limit.   This  is  the responsibility of the parents.  Have tools available race day to do the adjustments.)


¥ If the design calls for cutting away much of the block, use a saw first, then a knife or sandpaper to finish.

¥ Paint body parts before assembling them to avoid getting paint on axles.

¥ Remove burrs on the axles before adding wheels, using sandpaper or emery cloth.

¥ If there is a mold seam on the wheels, sand them very lightly.

¥ Use white glue or model airplane cement to hold pin axle in body.  Measure center distance between axles before attaching.

¥ Lubricate  axles  with powdered graphite or  silicone.  No oil, grease  or silicone spray should be used.  Lubricating  oil  will slow wheel spin and dripping oil can foul the race track.

¥ Fishing  sinkers or other weights may be inserted in the body to add weight, but the total weight of the car may  not exceed 5 ounces.

Race Day


All cars are inspected and measured to make sure they conform  to racing  rules.  Cars passing inspection are immediately given  to the registration table.


Cars  passing  inspection should be assigned a number.  Put the Cub's  name next to the number on the registration board after the car if it is ready for racing.  Give all cars to the Car Corral Officials.  Do not allow anyone to touch the cars  during or after inspection.  This will avoid any damages, added  weight, and confusion.  If the cars need attention by the Cubs before the race,  remove the registration number and have the  car re-inspected, weighed and numbered.

Car Corral Rules

Place the cars out of reach of the Cubs and crowd so that they will not be broken or tampered with.  If the car  needs to be removed for work before the race, remove registration sticker and inform the Cub that the car must be registered again.  Warn Cubs that touching other cars may disqualify their car.

Car Repair Rules

Any adjustments or additions to the cars before registration may be done by the Cubs.  After the race begins, the  cars may be repaired if minor work can be quickly performed.  Fix only the items needing attention, do not lube the cars.  Be available after the race starts to fix cars and watch the tools at the repair table.

Judges And Finish Line Rules

The first car touching the finish line is the winner.  If no car crossed the line the car going the farthest wins.  If  the cars cross very close to the same time, a tie can be declared.  These cars can be re-run against other cars or on a different track or lane.  Only in the finals will a close call be important.  If both judges do not agree, it is a tie.  Designate one judge to always pick up the winner by the center of the car to avoid smashing the wheels and say "THE WINNER".  Return ties to the starting gate at once for re-run.  The margin for ties should be smaller as the race progresses.  Cars jumping off the track once is usually not a fault of the car; repeated jumping may be reason to lose.

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