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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

(Having one judge always handling the winner will avoid mix-ups of the cars.  Be careful; touching the wheels or dropping the cars can ruin them.)

Starting Gate Rules And Suggestions

Handle the cars with care, being careful not to pick them up by the wheels as they can be damaged.  Make sure all cars are placed correctly, straight and not touching the center guides on the track.  Be certain that the correct car is on the correct lane and is running against the correct cars.  Then call out the number of the cars so that the names can be announced.  Signal the judges and wait for the judges' starting signal.

Cars that are discovered to have loose parts or wheels may be repaired by race officials if time permits.  Push  loose  wheels back in, being careful not to jam them against the side of the body.  Decorative parts that are loose enough to fall off should be removed and not replaced.  Cars breaking during a race will not finish that race; however, they may be repaired and put back in the next heat if time allows and they have not been eliminated.

The races themselves are run in heats.  The following is a suggestion on how to run the heats.

Points System

1.Run three heat system by den giving points to each car as they finish.  Total accumulated points will determine the order of winners.  First place is awarded 3 points, second place 2 points and third is awarded 1 point.

2.Use colored dot system, with first place one color, second place another color and third place another.  Cars should run on a different lane each time.  At the end of three heats all cars are registered and winners are determined from total accumulated points.  This system takes out track lane differences.  Then all dots are removed to continue to next bracket race.

3.The lane assignments for each heat are rotated.

Elimination Bracket

When using an elimination bracket keep in mind that every Cub Scout should be given the opportunity to race twice.  Every race is run in two heats with first, second and third place winners of each heat given points.  After the race  is run, points are totaled with the winners moving on to the next bracket.  Lanes are rotated after each heat.

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