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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Father/Son Cake Bake And Auction

Father and son (or other adult male partner) bake and decorate their own cake with no help from mom or any female at all (THIS INCLUDES CLEANUP).  Send out invitations to all relatives and friends, because this is a golden opportunity to make money for the pack.  If you happen to know an auctioneer this will lend pizzazz to the show.  Besides being a fund raiser, prizes can be awarded for:

¥ Prettiest

¥ Best Scout theme

¥ Funniest

¥ Heaviest

¥ Biggest

¥ Best decorated

¥ Tallest

¥ Smallest

Genius Night

This is a kit which is assembled by the committee consisting of a paper sack filled with many smaller items.  The boys may construct anything they want to from the materials supplied.  All they need to supply is some glue, paint and imagination.  The only rule needed is that each kit contain the same items.

Examples of thing that could be put in the sack:

¥ string

¥ drinking straw

¥ marble

¥ toothpicks

¥ ball

¥ yarn

¥ paper plate

¥ paper cup

¥ wire

¥ block of wood

¥ and anything else you can think of

Prizes can be awarded for most creative, etc.

Frisbee Golf Tournament

All you need is a frisbee and the poles with flags attached.  Set up any kind of golf course the area will permit.  By team or individual.

Haunted House

This goes with the Halloween month and is a big favorite with packs that do it.

You will need very large appliance boxes preferably refrigerator or freezer size.  Arrange these boxes into a twisting confusing maze, with dead ends and trap doors.  Music and lighting are very important.  Exploration holes in the side walls with strange items on the other side for the boys or their parents to try and identify by feel only.


¥ cooked spaghetti

¥ bones

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