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Cub Scout athletes are all protected by a bill of rights.  This has been prepared by physical education experts and should be an integral part of your pack program.

The ten points of this Bill of Rights are listed below:

Each Cub has:

1.  The right to participate in sports.

2.  The right to participate at his own ability level.

3.  The right to qualified adult leadership.

4.  The right to a safe and healthy environment.

5.  The right to share in leadership and decision-making.

6.  The right to play as a child, not as an adult.

7.  The right to proper preparation.

8.  The right to equal opportunity to strive for success.

9.  The right to be treated with dignity.

10. The right to have fun.

(The Young Athletes Bill of Rights was created to insure that all Cub Scout athletes would have a positive experience  while learning new skills and doing their best in some of our nation's favorite sports activities.  For more information you may want to refer to the Cub Scout Sports Leaders Guide.)

How To Set Up A Sports Program

First item would be to select a sports chairman to oversee the program.  Then you would select a sport that would be of interest to your group.  Consider the interest of the pack members and determine what sports could be programmed for the year.

Establish a schedule for the pack activities.  Identify playing area, equipment availability, safety rules, recognition,  budget, leadership resources and parent involvement.  Don't overlook FUN for the boys and family.  Begin promotion.

Use Cub Scout Sports Leader Guide No. 2152.  Also individual sports manuals are available for each sport. These manuals can be purchased  at the Scout Service Center.  These books have rules, fitness  programs and teaching aides to enable the boy to enjoy the sport.

On all competition the rules must be known before the practice begins.  SET THE RULES AND KEEP THEM. Put the rules for your sports on paper and see that every participant has a copy of the rules.

Assume That No One Knows The Rules

(If you are playing by simplified rules or rules that are not considered the "standard" rules, be sure that this is explained.)

Play and practice by the rules you have set.  It is unfair to change your rules once the competition has started.

Your judges (umpires or referees) must also be aware of the rules you are playing by.  This will help insure that everyone is playing by the same rules.

Expense Of The Sports Program

This is a concern for all units.  For example, the pack wants to play volleyball but it doesn't have any equipment.  Consider your parents, your sponsoring organization, friends, neighbors, school or your church.

Use Your Resources.

Another way is to share a nominal fee to participate.  For this program to be successful, you will need to pay particular attention to your fees.  You do not want to keep any boy from participating because you have set the fee too high.

If the program is over a series of weeks, consider running a concession stand (drinks, cookies, food items).  This can be successful but does require planning and willing workers to make it go.

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