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Your pack could also include the cost of sports awards in their annual budget.

Use As A Recruiting Tool

Boys will find the sports program of interest.  Many boys are playing soccer or baseball, but how many get a chance to learn about marbles, golf or table tennis.  The fact that there are organized sport clubs in your area should not keep you from trying a sports program for your pack.

Explain to the parents that the Cub Scout Sports Program is just one of the many programs offered to the registered Cub Scouts. This may encourage boys to take a part in the Scouting program if they know they can earn awards for sports activities.

Tiger Cub Participation

Should Tiger Cubs be involved in the Sports program?  There is no concrete answer to this question.  It is up to your pack committee on how to handle the Tiger Cub Program.

Many first grade boys could participate in competitive sports against older boys while others would not be able to but this could be true in any grade level.

One consideration is that if Tiger Cubs compete in a sporting program, it will lessen what they can look forward to in Cub Scouting.

Safety First

Cubs will appreciate and parents will insist on a safe and healthy environment in which play will take place.  The following are some tips that will help you to keep accidents and injuries to a minimum.

1.Check out in advance the condition of the playing field, facilities and equipment.

2.Consider the effects of weather and terrain on your players.

3.Be sure that there is plenty of adult supervision and that the adults know what their responsibilities are.

4.Provide all necessary protective equipment, such as helmets, shin guards, knee pads, etc.

5.Teach the proper use of all equipment and the dangers of swinging bats, flying balls and improper technique.

6.Designate safety areas for observers.  For example--behind the backstop, in the bleachers, etc.

7.Proper exercise and conditioning will help prevent injuries of any kind.

8.Make sure any injuries have completely healed before a boy starts strenuous play again.  This will help prevent reinjuries, especially muscle pulls and ankle sprains.


There are three levels of awards and recognition in the Cub Scout sports program.  Belt Loops, Physical Fitness Pins and a Cub Scout Sports Letter.

A belt loop is awarded to any Cub who participates in the sport of his choice either in a pack tournament or in a program in his community.  This is the first level of award and is presented for participation.  The belt loops are designated to be worn on the official Cub Scout uniform belt only.

A boy can also earn a physical fitness pin by accumulating points for exercise and practice in his sport.  He is awarded one point for every 15 minutes he spends in practice or conditioning with a daily limit of 5 possible points.  If he earns 75 points in a three month period, he can then be presented a physical fitness pin imprinted with the symbol of his sport.

In order for a Cub Scout to earn a Sports Letter he must involve an adult teammate.  The teammate must also earn a physical fitness pin in a sport of his choice.  To do this, the adult, however is awarded one point for every 30 minutes of exercise or practice.

The sport in which the adult participates does not have to be the same in which the Cub is working.  For example, the Cub Scout may be playing basketball in a community sports program, but his adult teammate may be earning points while participating in bowling league.  The Cub could earn a physical fitness pin then in basketball and his adult partner could earn a pin for bowling.

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