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For both the Cub and his adult partner, no more than five points may be tallied in one day.  This means the boy would get credit only for 1 hour and 15 minutes of exercise in a single day and an adult would get credit for only 2 hours and 30 minutes of conditioning in a single day.

If the Cub Scout earns his participation belt loop and a physical fitness pin, and his adult teammate also earns a physical fitness pin, then the boy can be presented his Cub Scout Letter.  The physical fitness pins should be worn on civilian clothes.  The letters can be worn on the Scout's red vest or on his warm-up jacket.  In this way he could interest other boys in the Cub Scout sports program and perhaps be a recruiter for new Cub Scouts.

There is no limit to the number of Cub Scout Sports Letters a boy can earn.  Every time he earns a belt loop and physical fitness pin, he can be awarded a sports letter.

Any pack sponsoring a Cub Scout Sports program can present to the boys who participate in the program a special Cub Scout Sports Patch.  This is designed as a temporary patch, and as such, is regulated by the policies regarding patch wear.

Parent's Roles

Some Do's

Be a voice of encouragement and moderation.  Show the boys you love them no matter how well they play.

When there's a game, be there to watch your son play.

Help them have fun!

Some Don'ts

Don't shout advice or criticism to your son or to anyone during the game.

Don't interfere with the coach or other officials.

Don't criticize players, coaches or officials.

Don't enter the playing area.

Don't keep anyone from having fun.

Don't push your son into a sport he isn't qualified to play or does not like.

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