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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

c. Check restroom facilities and cloakroom

d. Inquire about kitchen availability

e. Check on rental fees, if any

f. Secure permission to use special items

1.) Speaker's rostrum

2.) P.A. system

g. Check on need to work with custodian on setting up

2.Dinner committee

a.   Suggest meal plan (based on pack funds)

1.) Catered dinner

a.) Does it include plates, cups, napkins, silver

b.) Drinks

c.) Time of food delivery

d.) Pre-paid

2.) Potluck

a.)  Determine serving needs

1.) Kitchen utensils

2.) Large containers for cold drinks

3.) Number of coffee pots

4.) Serving dishes needed

b.)  Promote attendance

1.) Dens report on families

2.) Invitations to honored guests

c.)  Plan and set up serving line

d.)  Clean-up -- trash bags

e.)  Thank-you notes afterwards

3.Program Committee

a. Decides placement of room displays

b.   Recruits one person for each item on program

c.   Works with advancement chairman for what is needed on advancement

d.   Suggests the format of the program

(This outline can be altered to suit your particular pack needs and assets: the size of your pack and treasury and most of all, creative people willing to work together to bring forth a beautifully planned and fun dinner.)

The Food

The word "banquet" suggests a lovely meal so plan carefully.  Keep the meal cost as low as possible so that all families can participate.  

Potluck Plan

¥ Decide if dens will plan their own menu or if each family will bring food for an overall pack menu.

¥ Let each family know much and what type of food to bring.

¥ Decide what the Pack will furnish (Meat, rolls, drinks, etc.)

¥ Determine serving arrangement.

Food Committee Plan

¥ Decide what the pack will furnish (all or part of the food, paper products, etc.)

¥ Purchase food and other dinner items.

¥ Recruit enough helpers to prepare meal.

¥ Accept reservations and estimate attendance.  Be sure there is enough food.

¥ Set the cost of the dinner per family.

¥ Determine serving arrangement.  Plan for two serving lines if more than 50 people will attend.

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