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April 2011

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MUST put up a fence around it to protect it from the kids that go to Acres Green Elementary School. Make that a chain-link fence at that. But just so it isn’t quite so ugly, let’s vinyl coat it then run plastic slats thru it to “spruce it up.” But since the panels take up so much room, three of the five trees must be moved to make room. The original proposal by Douglas County Schools District was just what I described – in so many words.

The original was a proposal that thirty schools would get ROOF-TOP solar panels. Guess what? Acres Green Elementary can’t support the solar panels (28 out of 30 can though). The roof trusses would not support the weight so what better thing to do? Put it out in the undeveloped space, on a sloped lot that really has, up until now, been of no use to the school. It just happens to be in the center of our community.

As I said, I am absolutely posi- tively in favor of solar energy. I would love to have it installed on my roof. What if your next door neighbor wanted to install solar panels but the roof wouldn’t sup- port it, he should be able to put it in his front yard, oh and don’t for- get he would surround it with a vinyl coated chain-link fence to protect the kids in the neighbor- hood. Do you think you or your neighbors wouldn’t object? I, for

one, would. There is a place for everything but this isn’t the place.

To add some insult to injury, we were supposedly notified of this proposal back in August but that never happened. We were notified through the mail with a short project narrative and a small scale drawing. It was dated Febru- ary 24, 2011.

In the letter, there was to be a hearing in Castle Rock, Commis- sioner’s Hearing Room on March 28, 2011 at 7 PM. Not a lot of time to object or voice an opinion. Much less time to organize any community response. We found out that Douglas County Zoning could NOT postpone the hearing. We, the citizens in Acres Green could NOT request a postpone- ment. The only one who could is Douglas County School District – they refused my request.

Do you know why? MONEY. Isn’t it always about the money? They told me that if the project didn’t get completed by April 2011, they would lose out on the Xcel refund! So to h### with what anyone thinks, full steam ahead, damn the torpedo’s – build it fast, get the cash and get out of town – without anyone caring.

I guess you know which side of “fence” I’m on. I object to the pro- ject on the corner, I object to a fence surrounding it, I object to them removing trees that the com- munity paid to have them planted, and lastly I object to being dis-

missed by Douglas County School District.

So you don’t think I’m just run- ning off at the mouth in the news- letter, here is what I sent to Doug- las County Zoning verbatim:

“Please be advised of our con- cerns:

The original proposal stated 30 school rooftop solar panel but Acres Green could not support this so they must be a ground based installation. The location selected is a poor choice due to this is on the main entrance to the subdivi- sion and plainly put would be an eyesore, especially when you sur- round it with what we were told is a vinyl covered 6 ft. chain-link fence. The school has stated they desired no maintenance but there will be, over the years the fence will require upkeep whether is due to vandalism or the weather.

Additionally, the association was never notified, even though I was told by a representative of the school board that we were, back in August - that is absolutely false. There were no signs on the site indicating any kind of public hear- ing or requested change in the land use on the corner or Acres Green Drive and Maximus Drive. The only notification was the Land Use Application dated Feb 24, 2011 from Douglas County Zon- ing. We are now being told that the hearing scheduled for Mar 28 will not be put off for a month so that local residents can attend and voice their complaints/issues be- cause it boils down to money - get- ting the rebates from Xcel. It ap- pears that the School board is un- willing to wait so the citizens of

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