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Ecuador: People and their Impact on the Environment Fulbright-Hays Seminar Abroad, Summer 2005 ... - page 3 / 5





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Closure: Independent Practice:


Reflect as a class on changes in both countries. Have students write a short compare and contrast essay on how humans have changed their environment in Ecuador and in their hometown. While they have already brainstormed similarities, they will need to reflect on differences independently. Evaluate essay.

Lesson 2: Why have people changed their environment?

Do First/ Anticipatory Set:

Begin by reviewing how humans have changed the environment. Have them choose two to three ways people have changed the

Teaching: Input, Modeling, Check for Understanding

Guided Practice:


Independent Practice:


earth (from Lesson 1) and create sketches with captions underneath for each that shows these changes. Share with classmate. The teacher introduces the question of why humans change their environment. Brainstorm a few possible reasons on the board/overhead. Teachers may want to show the Power Point again briefly to review the photos. Next, use a “graffiti wall” to expand on the PowerPoint. Have large sheets of butcher paper taped to the walls scattered around the classroom. They should be labeled Economy, Energy, Transportation, Recreation, Agriculture, Housing, Population Growth, and Other. Draw a line straight down the center of the paper and write Ecuador on one side and the name of your town on the other. Divide the class into groups of 3-4. Each group should have a different colored marker (so you can later attribute various ideas to the correct group). Assign each group to stand by one of the posters. Direct each group to write as many examples of change for Ecuador and for your town they can think of that correspond to the topic of the specific paper (economy, transportation, etc.). Give each group 2-3 minutes then rotate the groups the next topic. Do so until each group has reached each topic. Class reflects on all ideas posted. Posters are shared and class discusses reaction. Each student fills out Lesson 2 graphic organizer. Have each student choose one category they found most interesting and write a summary/reaction to their findings. Participation, graphic organizer, summary/reaction.

Lesson 3: What is the impact of environmental change on people and society?

Do First/ Anticipatory Set:


Writing Prompt: From yesterday’s lesson, name and explain one positive change and one negative change people have made to the environment either here or in Ecuador. Explain that students will be examining two examples of the

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