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LGA ‘Infrastructure and Asset Management (Policy and Planning) Information Paper

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    July 2006

Section 122 (1) – (4a) provides that:


identify the principal activities that the Council intends to undertake to achieve its objectives;

(c) (d)

estimate the revenues and expenses of the Council over the relevant period;

state the measures (financial and non-financial) that are to be used to monitor and assess the performance of the Council over the relevant period;


describe the relationship between the Council's objectives and activities, and its rating policy under this Act;


identify the means by which its activities are to be carried out, with particular reference to its policies on contracts and tenders under this Act;


address issues associated with arranging its affairs so as to separate its regulatory activities from its other activities, so far as this is reasonable to do so; and


make provision for the regular review of the charters, activities and plans of any subsidiary of the Council.

A Council must, in conjunction with the plans required under subsection (1), develop and adopt—

(a) (b)

a long-term financial plan for a period of at least 10 years; and

an infrastructure and asset management plan, relating to the management and development of infrastructure and major assets by the Council for a period of at least 10 years;

(and these plans will also be taken to form part of the Council’s strategic management plans).

Strategic management plans—


should (as far as practicable) be consistent with the Planning Strategy and the Development Plan or Plans for the Council's area, and with other relevant statutory policies and plans; and


must comply with any requirement prescribed by the regulations.




A Council must develop and adopt plans (which may take various forms) for the management of its area, to be called collectively the strategic management plans, which—

  • (a)

    identify the Council's objectives for the area over a specified period (the relevant period), and provide a clear indication of—

    • (i)

      the extent to which the Council has participated with other Councils, and with State and national governments, in setting public policy objectives, and the extent to which the Council's objectives are related to regional, State and national objectives;

    • (ii)

      the extent to which the Council has given consideration to regional, State and national objectives and strategies which are relevant to the economic, social, physical and environmental development and management of its area;

    • (iii)

      the extent to which the Council intends to co-ordinate with State and national governments in the planning and delivery of services in which there is a common interest; and

DME 25101

9 LGA Financial Sustainability Program – www.lga.sa.gov.au/goto/fsp

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