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LGA ‘Infrastructure and Asset Management (Policy and Planning) Information Paper

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    July 2006

  • (3)

    In addition to the requirements of subsection (2), a Council must, in formulating its strategic management plans, have regard to—

    • (a)

      the Council’s roles and responsibilities under this or any other Act; and

    • (b)

      the Council’s objectives for its area.

  • (4)

    A Council may review its strategic management plans under this section at any time but must—

  • (a)

    undertake a review of—

    • (i)

      its long-term financial plan; and

    • (ii)

      any other elements of its strategic management plans prescribed by

regulations for the purposes of this paragraph,

As soon as practicable after adopting the Council’s annual business plan for a particular financial year; and


in any event, undertake a comprehensive review of its strategic management plans within 2 years after each general election of the Council.


A Council must, for the purposes of a review under subsection (4), take into account—

  • (a)

    in relation to a review under subsection (4)(a)(i)—a report from the chief executive officer on the sustainability of the Council’s long-term financial performance and position taking into account the provisions of the Council’s annual business plan and strategic management plans; and

  • (b)

    insofar as may be relevant—any other material prescribed by the regulations.

Section 124 (1) provides that:

  • (1)

    A Council must—

    • (a)

      keep such accounting records as correctly and adequately record and explain the revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities of the Council; and

    • (b)

      keep its accounting records in such manner as will enable—

      • (i)

        the preparation and provision of statements that present fairly financial and other information; and

      • (ii)

        the financial statements of the Council to be conveniently and properly audited.

Section 125 provides that:

A Council must ensure that appropriate policies, practices and procedures of internal control are implemented and maintained in order to assist the Council to carry out its activities in an efficient and orderly manner, to ensure adherence to management policies, to safeguard the Council's assets, and to secure (as far as possible) the accuracy and reliability of Council records.

DME 25101

10 LGA Financial Sustainability Program – www.lga.sa.gov.au/goto/fsp

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