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LGA ‘Infrastructure and Asset Management (Policy and Planning) Information Paper

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    July 2006

Section 49 (1) – (2) provides that:

  • (1)

    A Council must prepare and adopt policies on contracts and tenders, including policies on the following:

    • (a)

      the contracting out of services;

    • (b)

      competitive tendering and the use of other measures to ensure that services are delivered cost-effectively;

    • (c)

      the use of local goods and services; and

    • (d)

      the sale or disposal of land or other assets.

  • (2)

    The policies must—

    • (a)

      identify circumstances where the Council will call for tenders for the supply of goods, the provision of services or the carrying out of works, or the sale or disposal of land or other assets;

    • (b)

      provide a fair and transparent process for calling tenders and entering into contracts in those circumstances; and

    • (c)

      provide for the recording of reasons for entering into contracts other than those resulting from a tender process.

Section 99 (1) provides that:

  • (1)

    The functions of the chief executive officer include—

    • (a)

      to ensure that the policies and lawful decisions of the Council are implemented in a timely and efficient manner;

    • (b)

      to undertake responsibility for the day-to-day operations and affairs of the Council;

    • (c)

      to provide advice and reports to the Council on the exercise and performance of its powers and functions under this or any other Act;

    • (d)

      to co-ordinate proposals for consideration by the Council for developing objectives, policies and programs for the area;

    • (e)

      to provide information to the Council to assist the Council to assess performance against its strategic management plans;

    • (f)

      to ensure that timely and accurate information about Council policies and programs is regularly provided to the Council's community, and to ensure that appropriate and prompt responses are given to specific requests for information made to the Council;

    • (g)

      to ensure that the assets and resources of the Council are properly managed and maintained;

    • (h)

      to ensure that records required under this or another Act are properly kept and maintained;

    • (i)

      to give effect to the principles of human resource management prescribed by this Act and to apply proper management practices; and

    • (j)

      to exercise, perform or discharge other powers, functions or duties conferred on the chief executive officer by or under this or other Acts, and to perform other functions lawfully directed by the Council.

DME 25101

8 LGA Financial Sustainability Program – www.lga.sa.gov.au/goto/fsp

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