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Questionnaire Results: Federal-Mogul Corporation

data for air emissions calculations for ISO 14000 purposes, which does not contain a similar calibration requirement. In such a circumstance, it would be necessary to write an exception into your ISO 14000 procedures specifying that the higher QS9000 calibration standard is not required for ISO 14000 certification purposes.)

In addressing the question of whether the relatively small size of the Sparta plant is a factor in whether integration of QS9000 and ISO 14000 management systems is desirable, the percep- tion of the Sparta plant is no. The Sparta plant’s view is that, regardless of size, integration is the preferred approach because of the elimination of duplication and minimization of effort achiev- able by integrating the two systems (such as in the areas of document control, management review, internal auditing, etc.).

Although consideration was given to having one (or the same) management representative for both the QS9000 and ISO 14000 systems, Sparta eventually decided to have separate manage- ment representatives for each system (Jeff Moore for ISO 14000 and Tom Flight for QS9000). Each position is essentially a monitoring function; one is responsible for ensuring compliance with ISO 14000 and the other with QS9000. However, both have equal authority (such as, the unilateral authority to shut down a production line over a quality or environmental problem), but the two generally coordinate with the other to forestall problems that might arise through lack of communication. No problems have developed with this approach to this point.

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    What perceived level of value does the top/upper level management of the company place on EMS and environmental issues faced by the company? Upper management at Sparta are very committed to EMS and environmental issues. Key upper managers at Sparta come from a background of formerly having plant-wide environmental management responsibilities. As such, Sparta’s upper management is extremely attuned to en- vironmental concerns and issues and very supportive of current environmental management. With respect to the parent company, Federal-Mogul is extremely interested in having strong, proactive management oriented systems in the fields of environmental, health and safety. Al- though Federal-Mogul is not at this time requiring its plants to be ISO 14000 certified, some locations (such as Sparta) are certified and Federal-Mogul is currently considering whether to push for more certifications in the future. Federal-Mogul does have a set of environmental protocols that it expects facilities to follow; however, recently acquired facilities from companies such as Cooper Automotive and T and N also had environmental protocols. Federal-Mogul is currently in the process of reviewing and combining all of these protocols to establish one new standard for Federal-Mogul. This may happen by the end of the first quarter of 1999. Federal-Mogul is also in the process of developing a tool for internal audits of environmental, health and safety management systems. This is a push toward EMS without requiring ISO 14000 certification. Federal-Mogul intends to audit about 60 facilities a year with its internal auditing tool, including facilities, such as Sparta, which are already ISO 14000 certified. For ISO 14000 certified facilities, this internal auditing procedure will act as an additional layer of EMS.

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    What is the company’s view of the utility of ISO 14000 certification? From its former Cooper Automotive days, the Sparta facility has been strongly committed to formal EMS and already had formal written procedures in place to manage its hazardous waste


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