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Saturn +5 ISO 14000 Pilot Project

streams. ISO 14000 certification is a natural progression of that commitment. Sparta also be- lieves that implementation of ISO 14000 has led to costs savings due to increased focus upon waste minimization and recycling programs. Further, although community relations have al- ways been good, the Sparta plant also believes that ISO 14000 certification gives the company one more positive thing to discuss with members of the local community. The Sparta facility also believes that the industry is trending toward customer requirements that suppliers be ISO 14000 certified. Sparta believes it is thus already ahead of the curve in this regard.

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    Does the company have any concerns about becoming ISO 14000 certified? If so, what are they? What potential downsides do the company feel ISO 14000 may bring? An initial concern was cost; how much would the cost of the initial certification effort be and how much would it cost to maintain certification afterwards. Both turned out to be not as severe as initially feared. Further, Sparta has experienced certain costs savings due to increased focus on waste minimization and recycling programs brought on by ISO 14000 (e.g., increased recy- cling has reduced landfill costs and waste hauling charges; certain hazardous materials reuse has increased to 3 times before disposal which reduces hazardous waste disposal costs). Another concern was uncertainty regarding disclosure requirements if a problem was found during an internal audit; would such a discovery have to be disclosed to the registrar? Sparta decided that anything discovered during internal audits would not necessarily have to be dis- closed.

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    What is the status of ISO 14000 certification with the company today? Sparta facility is ISO 14000 certified.

Organizational Issues

1. Is there a manager dedicated solely (or primarily) to overseeing environmental management issues in the company?

Yes. Jeff Moore is the Environmental Manager. Fifty-percent of his time is devoted to facilities management and fifty-percent to environmental management.

2. If not, what persons or departments in the company are considered “in charge” of overseeing and addressing environmental management issues faced by the company?

See response to question 1 (Organizational Issues) above.

3. Is environmental management a distinct operating division within the firm, or are environ- mental tasks delegated to various members of different departments of the firm?

There is no separate environmental department at Sparta. Environmental management comes under the plant’s Facilities Engineering Group. Jeff Moore is the environmental manager and Sandra Vance (hourly employee) is the hazardous materials coordinator. These two employees oversee environmental management issues, but specific tasks are delegated to various depart- ments around the facility as a particular task may concern that department.


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