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Questionnaire Results: Federal-Mogul Corporation

4. Are there cross-functional teams focusing specifically on environmental issues within the company?

Yes. A cross-functional team from all areas of the plant is currently constituted with the respon- sibility of identifying all environmental aspects for ISO 14000 certification purposes. The team meets about once a year to review and update the plant’s significant environmental aspects to ensure that appropriate attention is being devoted to each.

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    If some distinct environmental departments exist, how are the departments structured? What tasks are performed within that structure? Not applicable.

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    Do environmental managers consider staffing to be adequate for the tasks that must be per- formed by the environmental structure of the firm? Does upper management consider staff- ing to be adequate for the same purpose? Yes to both questions. Unless an event such as a change of product line occurs, there does not appear to be a need for additional people. Approximately fifty-percent of a manager’s time and sixty to seventy-percent of an hourly worker’s time is sufficient at the present time.

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    What type of software systems does the company use to manage environmental information? Sparta has developed some customized data bases in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access to handle strictly environmental information.

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    How does the company operationally track information such as material flow, purchasing, etc. that relates to environmental issues? Material flow information is managed at the plant level by custom programs designed specifi- cally for the Sparta plant. Procedure requires that a Material Safety Data Sheet must be ob- tained for Jeff Moore’s approval for a chemical that has not been ordered before. This is a procedure that is hard to police because almost anyone can generate an order, but proper train- ing of personnel is supposed to take care of these types of issues. Periodic plant audits of chemicals present at the plant can take care of any which may have been ordered without proper authorization.

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    How does the company compile and disseminate critical information that affects the company’s business and projects?

Employees communicate regarding environmental issues and concerns through a company “open- door” policy; employees are aware that they can talk to any manager about any problem at any time. Communication with employees is also fostered through suggestion box procedures, de- partment meetings, bulletin board postings, handouts included with payroll checks. Given the size of the company, significant informal communication occurs that overlaps into communica- tion on environmental issues.

Concerning internal management communication, Jeff Moore and Sandra Vance compile infor- mation about EMS and how the Sparta facility is doing against objectives and targets and re- ports to management during periodic internal management meetings.


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